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Hustle in Faith is a podcast for Christian women who want to analyze, apply, and amplify their God-given talents. We accomplish this by discussing business, self-improvement, health and beauty, and my random thoughts about life from a Christian perspective.

If you're everything to everyone, then you risk being no one

~LaTosha Johnson

I created this mission statement to remind myself that God wants me to live an extraordinary life. Everyone may not agree with my choices, but that’s ok. I know God doesn’t share His plans for me via conference call. 😉 

I just take the shot! 🙌🏾 

About me

LaTosha Johnson

Tosha Johnson is a marketing professional, podcaster, voiceover talent, and soon-to-be author. She owns Starengu, a consulting firm, where she works with individuals and companies to create content and strategies to elevate their businesses.

When she isn’t working with clients, you can find her biking along the Chicago lakefront, refining her archery skills, or hitting the heavy bag at the gym. 

What trail do you want to explore?


Gain the tips and tricks you need to help you level up in life and business.


Discover what types of exercise, food, and beauty tips assist in your quest to feel and look your best.


You can’t be truly happy without having peace of mind. Discover how you can cleanse your soul.

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Love Tosha's perspective

I loved the episode about Tosha’s new book, sharing the introduction and first chapter of the book. Hearing about her perspective and journey as a single woman was very refreshing and encouraging. I agree that we are capable of being happy and complete with or without a partner and that we can be living our best life while on the path and not make finding the one the entire journey (even though my podcast might indicate otherwise lol- it’s just one small segment of my entire single life).



Tosha is a great host

This was a fun and enlightening podcast. I started the REWIND episodes and really enjoyed hearing Tosha’s journey into podasting. These episodes were really filled with principles that apply to all of us. The other episodes I have had a chance to listen to either provide the listener with cautionary tales so they too don’t fall victim or introduce the listener to great people and products that will help them in their lives. The magic of this podcast is Tosha, her personality, empathy and passion are felt no matter the topic. You will enjoy this podcast, of that I am certain!



Like a warm cup of tea!

Tosha’s podcast was exactly what I needed today! The episode about distractions in pursuit of your purpose was very timely given I’d been attempting to tackle the same item on my to-di-list for nearly 3 hours-dealing with distraction after distraction. Not anymore!! I appreciate her use of scripture in many of her episodes. She serves up insightful messages that are like drinking a warm, soothing cup of tea. Thanks Tosha!


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My Upcoming book

How To Live An Extraordinary Life, With Or Without Mr. Right

Are you tired of feeling less than enough because you’re single? Discover how you can live a happy life, regardless of your marital status. 


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