My name is Tosha. I’m a Christian podcaster dedicated to discussing my faith, business, health, and random thoughts. I’m livin’ my life like it’s golden. Why?

Regardless of how many times I stumble and fall, God knows I have a strong desire to live an extraordinary life. My life has turned out a lot better than I planned.

I’ve got a lot more chapters to write in my story (you can check out my favorite ones below) but provided I continue my endeavor to speak life, I know it will have a happy ending. 🙌🏾

I’m a tech savvy digital marketer.

My degree is in marketing and communication. Throughout my career, I’ve provided marketing support to help other companies thrive. Years ago, I decided to invest in myself and started the following companies:

Starengu: Helping those who work a 9 to 5 gain the assistance and motivation to start their side hustle.

StarenguCrew: Women’s fitness apparel that celebrates your shine!

LaToshaJohnsonVO: I am a Voice Actor. I enjoy using my creativity, editing, and producing skills to participate in projects that allow me to demonstrate the versatility of my voice.

I’m a budget conscious thrill seeker.

Life is too short. I plan on making the most of it by tackling activities and traveling outside of the United States.

I speak Spanish, but I know I’ll achieve my goal of becoming fluent much quicker by traveling to more Latin countries.

Something I totally plan on doing once I get my bank account to cooperate with me. 😉

I’m a city girl, with a soft spot for solitude.

I’m a social person, but I feel most comfortable when I’m alone. It’s so important to take time out to be alone with your thoughts. God is able to communicate with us the most when it’s silent (Ps 37:7).