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LaTosha Johnson is a highly recommended marketing professional with 15+ years of experience working for various global market research firms. She owns Starengu, a consulting firm, where she works with individuals and companies to create content and strategies to elevate her clients’ businesses. Johnson is living her life like it’s golden in sweet home Chicago. 

Johnson is the host of a popular Christian podcast called Hustle in Faith. Hustle in Faith is currently listed on Feedspot’s 25 Best Black Christian Podcasts. The Hustle in Faith podcast is dedicated to helping you find your trail to a happier, healthier you by discussing topics like self-improvement, business, health, beauty, and her random thoughts about life. When she isn’t working with clients or on the Hustle in Faith podcast, you can find her biking along the lakefront, refining her archery skills, or hitting the heavy bag at the gym. 

She’s got many more chapters to write in her story but provided she continues her endeavor to speak life, she knows it will have a happy ending. You’re more than welcome to join her on her journey. You may just find your trail to happiness along the way!

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Tech Savvy Marketer

Years ago, I decided to invest in myself and created Starengu. This is where I share tips and tutorials about podcasting, digital marketing, and productivity to help those working 9 to 5 start their side hustle.  

Budget Conscious
Thrill Seeker

Life is too short. I plan to make the most of it by traveling outside the United States. I speak Spanish, but I know I’ll achieve my goal of becoming fluent much quicker by visiting Latin countries. Something I plan on doing once I get my bank account to cooperate with me. 😉 

Soft Spot For Solitude

I’m a social person, but I feel most comfortable when I’m alone. It’s important to take time out to be alone with your thoughts. God can most communicate with us when it’s silent  (Ps 37:7).

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