Are you ready for war

Waging War by CeCe Winans is one of my favorite songs. Are you tired of the devil stealing from you? Are you ready to fight? Whether you know it or not, being a Christian means that you signed up to fight for God’s army. At some point and time, everyone will face a difficult situation that will test your faith. The assaults that take place throughout our life not accidental. You are not going crazy when it appears that everyone and everything is out to get you. Satan will attempt to wear you down psychologically or physically so that you will surrender. 

Apostle Paul is a perfect example of someone who endured and triumphed over every horrible obstacle Satan placed in his way. Let’s take a look at all the scenarios that could have prevented him from being a soldier in God’s army.

There was a point in Paul’s life where he actually persecuted Christians because he thought he was honoring God. However, when he was on his way to Damascus he quickly realized that he was doing the opposite (Acts 9:4). I’m sure Satan played all sorts of mind games with Paul. Paul could have allowed the guilt of hurting Christians torture his soul. He could have allowed regret to keep him from moving forward in his journey to walk with Christ but he didn’t. In fact, Paul identified and took ownership of his mistake.

He repented of his wrongdoing and immediately made changes to his life. His actions supported his decision that nothing was going to shake his faith in Christ. Apostle Paul was no stranger to pain. He went from being the persecutor to the persecuted. He suffered so much on behalf of Christ. In 2 Corinthians 11:22 to 33 Paul mentions that he was shipwrecked,  beaten, stoned and constantly had people seeking to take his life. Despite all of the psychological and physical circumstances Satan sent to deter him, Paul continued to fight the good fight and earned his crown of righteousness (2 Tim 4:7-8).

My guess is many of us will not be persecuted to Paul’s exent, but our relationship troubles can cause us to feel confused and stressed. Our continual battles with bad habits can make us feel defeated. Our financial problems can make us feel worthless. Despite the severity of problem,  we can obtain peace in the midst of our troubles if we have faith (John 14:27) and bring our burdens to the Lord Psalm 55:22.

If you turn your focus to God you can protect yourself against Satan’s attacks (2Kin 6:16-17; Rom 8:31). We are empowered to win over whatever attack Satan sends our way by reading, meditating and applying God’s word to our life. His Word has the power to change our lives. This is why we are told to turn to God during our challenges because he is our Commander in Chief. He knows all of the tricks that Satan will use to fight against us. However, God has the tools, tips and tricks that will enable you to beat Satan but you won’t be able to access any of this if you refuse to wear your armor (eph 6: 10-20) or don’t have faith in His abilities to heal and lead you to victory (Matt 13:58 and Mark 6:5).

If you want to win the war, you have to be willing to walk by faith (2 Cor 5:7). Listening and obeying our Commander, God, is the only way we can win the war against Satan (Heb 4:16).

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