• How To Be Happy and Single

    How To Be Happy and Single

    https://youtu.be/J37LOV0BhWw?si=9adePW6gKMoBqD4l In this video, “How to Be a Happy Single Christian Woman,” I share my positive perspective on how to enjoy life as a single Christian woman. I emphasize the importance of focusing on personal growth, spiritual journey, and working for the kingdom of God rather than viewing singlehood as a waiting period for marriage. […]


  • Mastering Multiple Hats with Multifaceted Entrepreneur Dee Brown

    Mastering Multiple Hats with Multifaceted Entrepreneur Dee Brown

    https://youtu.be/SSyffZbuh3A In every industry, there are visionaries and game-changers who redefine the norm through their grit, perseverance, and unwavering vision. Certainly, Dee Brown is one of them. Boasting an impressive array of roles – an entrepreneur, producer, writer, talk show host, philanthropist, and more – Dee Brown is a testament to pushing boundaries, shattering ceilings, […]


  • God Is The Potter, We Are The Clay

    God is the Potter, We are the Clay

    https://youtu.be/4ufEYSucSUc?si=aPTeB21ueBzb7CtY   In this podcast, I discuss overcoming personal weaknesses using verse Jeremiah 18:4 and a pottery analogy to relate human life to clay in the hands of the Maker (God), suggesting that working on our own imperfections could shape us into better, beautiful creations.  I’m sharing imperfections that need to remove from my clay.  […]