Who is Your Employer?

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Knowing that Christ is our true employer and that He has a variety of ways of providing for us, should be a game changer for Christians. It removes the stress and frees our thought life from the psychological and emotional turmoil from the drama created by the workplace Christians should not view their physical employer as their only source of income in order to survive. You can gain unlimited employment when you sign up for Christ’s Employment Agency.

There are always tremendous amounts of opportunities for everyone employed at Christ’s Employment Agency. Look at how Christ has already used technology to open the doors for everyone. You don’t have to have a college degree anymore. Everyone has the same opportunity to achieve success.  Christ has allowed technology to even the playing field so that everyone can use their God-given talent and skills. Years ago no one would have thought this was possible. Now, everyone; even people without a college degree can earn a comfortable income while performing a job that they enjoy.

Considering these facts and more that I have not mentioned, should let us know that we are not to view our physical employer as a god. They don’t hold our life and liberty in their hands. We must always remember that those horrible bosses and coworkers are really demons that do not have control over your life. Therefore, we should not bow down and suck up to these people so we can keep our job.

If Christ allows, let me reiterate the word “allows” because it is important. If Christ allows our employer to lay us off and/or fire us, provided we stay in faith, this is just a sign that Christ is relocating us. If we remain in faith, Christ has another adventure for us to explore as to why He allows Satan’s worker to close the door to that job.

With this in mind, we should not over exaggerate the importance of our present job. Before we go further, let’s be clear. Since Christ is truly our Employer, surely we want to be fair-minded and do our best on this job. My point is that we should not over exaggerate the importance of our present job. Overexaggerating its importance will open the door for demonic forces (i.e. bosses, supervisors, and co-workers) to use our job as a weapon to threaten us.

If we view our present job from the proper perspective that it is just one of many resources that Christ is using to provide for us, we will not allow Satan and his demons to hold our thought life hostage with psychological and emotional suffering at the thought of losing our job. We would know that our lack of work does not affect our security, provision, and employment with Christ.

If we put things in perspective, Christ’s Employment Agency is not short on opportunities; and, Christ has many creative ways for us to make a living so we can enjoy the abundant life He came to give us (Joh 10:10). Satan and his demons hold our thought life hostage with the thought of taking away our job.

When our situation is put in the proper perspective, we would know that moving from one job to another can be the best adventure of our life. Such a move brings new knowledge, new opportunities to explore, and most importantly, a chance for us to start a new chapter in our life. To keep this positive state of mind, we need only to remember that our livelihood and success is not linked to our job.

Such negative thinking makes us obsessed in holding on to our job. All of which allows Satan to enter our thought life and build a fortress within our soul. Our fear of losing our job is based on our limited knowledge and understanding of how Christ and the spiritual world operate. If we daily read and meditate on God’s word, we would know that Satan’s workers cannot do anything against us unless Christ gives His permission.

In other words, Satan and his demons do not have the power to take away our job. Christ stripped them of their powers (Heb 2:14; Col 2:14-15; 1Joh 3:8; Joh 18:37). The only powers they have are what we give to them out of ignorance, fear, and stupidity.

It is our ignorance, fear, and stupidity that allow Satan’s workers to use our job as a weapon to threaten us. My point to this podcast is to set us free from these negative thoughts. If we view our situation from the proper perspective, that our present job is nothing special, Satan would not be able to perpetuate our thinking with negative thoughts of us losing our job.

Again, our present job is just another resource God is using to provide for us. If we keep this in mind, we will not approach our loss of work with hopelessness and despair.  Such thinking leads to other negative traits of Satan. Christians must keep in mind that our present job is not our only source of provision.

For sinners this is true. However, if you are a Christian, surely, we know that God has many, many ways of providing for us.  Think, God had a raven to provide for Elijah’s needs. Knowing that our needs will always be provided for is why Christ told us Matt 6:25-33 not to worry about food and shelter. Just like God provides for the birds He will also provide for us.

Our present job is just one resource God is using to take care of us. It is not the only resource at His disposal. If Christ allows our physical employer to lay us off and/or fire us, this simply means that Christ is relocating us to another position or He is ready for us to start a new chapter in our life.

Keeping in mind that Christ is our true Employer and that He has all sorts of resources just waiting for us to explore, should encourage us to focus on strengthening our faith. Everything depends on our faith; our trust in Christ. It is our trust in Christ that determines if Christ will open other doors for us.

During our loss of work, we need to stop Satan from loading our thought life down with his negative traits of worry, confusion, anger, and other negativities that lead us to being held hostage with his psychological and emotional suffering. If we remain in faith we would know that God has another adventure in store for us be explored.

We know this to be true because Christ is our Provider and His Agency is not limited. There is a tremendous amount of opportunities available in Christ’s Agency. The problem is our weak faith and fear. It is our weak faith and fear that limits Christ from opening other doors of opportunities for us to utilize our God-given talent and skills.

To remove this weak mindset we need only to keep our focus on the truth. Christ is really the one providing for our needs. Although we were/are being paid by a physical entity, Christ is our true Employer. Therefore, we just need to stay in faith so we can explore all the adventures God has planned for us.

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Lessons We Can Learn From Working a 9 to 5



5? If I were to take a guess, I’m sure a lot of folks put their hands down and are probably shaking their heads in disagreement.

The Spanish phrase, ” Trabajo para vivir no Vivo para trabajar, which means I work to live not live to work is a mentality that many of us share. Unfortunately, very few people are working in their dream jobs. Now there are a variety of reasons why this may be the case, but you still have the opportunity to bloom where you are planted (

Are you forming good or bad habits?

Are you forming good or bad habits?

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How many times have we said, “There’s nothing wrong with making a mistake.” Although this is true; the problem is when we falsely identify our habits as a mistake.  

  • A mistake is when you unintentionally say or do something that is wrong.
  • A habit is when you repeatedly think and/or perform the same behavior and/or action whereby it becomes your way of life. In other words, this habit becomes a law that guides your life.

Let’s take some time to dig into the difference between a habit and a mistake. I had taken my focus off of God and His word and allowed my emotions to take the lead. My quest to fix my situation instead of going to God’s word first is why I made the majority of my mistakes.

I allowed my misguided thoughts to morph into a nasty habit of ungratefulness and impatience. It was literally affecting other aspects of my life. I started singling out many areas of my life that I felt like God had neglected in helping me. I chose to play the role of a victim. I truly believed that God wanted everyone but me to win at life.  

“God why do I have to work with these people?

God, I wish I had enough money to travel like they do.

Why is my life so boring?

I was constantly comparing myself to other people because I felt like God had forgotten about me. My mistaken belief led me down a horrible path to dismiss the blessings that God had already given me.    

Sadly, it wasn’t until God started taking away these blessings that I realized how much I had taken for granted in my life.  Looking back on the situation I can see how hard God tried to get my attention. We can’t expect God to continue blessing us if He sees that we’re not going to appreciate it. If we’re honest about it, we would just trample on it like the swine in Matt 7:6. Sometimes, you really don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

The irony is when God starts to chasten us by taking away blessings we get further discouraged and upset with God. However, my habit of not working hard enough to identify my misconstrued thoughts are what helped me create a habit of ungratefulness and impatience in my life.  

The good news is that you have the power to break this vicious cycle. You need to acknowledge your behavior, ask God for forgiveness and change your ways.

You can’t fix a problem if you’re not willing to admit that you have one. Regardless of how much it hurts, you have to address it head on because letting it linger only harms you.  

Had I not corrected my misguided thinking I would have been setting myself up to make an even bigger mistake by going outside of God’s timing.

It’s important to apologize for your behavior because it demonstrates that you’re taking ownership of your actions. As much as you may want to skip over this step, you can’t  if you’re truly sorry.

Apologizing is a very humbling experience and serves as a reminder that you’re not perfect. It’s your opportunity to demonstrate that you are remorseful for your behavior (1 John 1:9). Once you have done the first two steps, you need to demonstrate how serious you are about changing your life by withstanding any consequences that may come as a result of your behavior.

According to James 1:22 actions speak louder than words. Let’s say you stole my car. You can say you’re sorry all day long, but if you have made no effort to give me back my car then you’re not sorry. Your actions have to support and demonstrate your endeavor to change your way of life.

If you feel like your life is heading down the wrong path, take a moment to evaluate your decisions. You will be amazed at how quickly your life will improve the moment you’re able to decipher the difference between good and bad habits.

Defying expectations

Defying Expectations

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I defy the expectations of a Christian woman.

I’m 35 years old. Single. Never been married. I don’t have any children. Many people within society would automatically assume that something must be wrong with me. I expect that type of scrutiny from those outside the Church, but it’s especially annoying when it comes from other so-called Christians.

There is absolutely nothing in the Bible that commands women to get married or have children. Being married does not validate my existence as a woman. In fact, if you read in 1 Cor 7: 8-9, Paul was encouraging people to refrain from marriage. Again, he wasn’t stating that it was a sin to get married but it is best if you do not. Hence, why Christ, John the Baptist, Paul, and other saints did not get married. Apostle Paul warned people about the additional trouble marriage can bring.

Most people fail to realize that some of us are single because we choose to be. For example, I’m too busy enjoying my life…as is. I love living in a jet setting type of lifestyle. If my bank account would cooperate with me, I would be constantly traveling. I thoroughly enjoy learning new languages (I speak Spanish), cultures, etc. Plus, I thoroughly enjoy my profession (I heart all things digital marketing). I would love to teach more virtual and in-person workshops, but again that pesky bank account issue…;)

I know that in order for a marriage to be successful BOTH people have to be strong independent people that are both willing to come together as one. I have yet to meet someone who I feel would match my lifestyle goals and desire to live a Christian life. Until this happens, I’m not in a hurry to get married. If it happens, it happens. Marriage is NOT to be treated lightly. When you lead a fulfilling lifestyle, you tend to look at the glass half full not empty. Therefore, if I found someone who matched my vibe I’d be open to marriage.

So many people these days treat marriage like a pair of shoes. You can always get another pair if you don’t like them anymore. This is NOT the type of mindset that neither I nor my future husband will subscribe to for our marriage. I want us both fighting the good fight to cleanse our soul and keeping our focus on pleasing God. This will inadvertently ensure that we have an awesome marriage.

If this person exists, I’m sure God will allow our paths to cross one day. Until our paths cross,  I’ll continue living the extraordinary Christian life all by myself plotting my next vacation destination.

Now I’m sure some folks are already freaking out thinking, “Well, you can’t wait too long if you want kids.” Thank you for your concern about my ovaries, but it’s really none of your business. I’m quite aware of my age. Now, here’s the beautiful thing, drumroll, please… I have no plans on having children.

I absolutely love my life the way it is. Some may consider it to be “selfish” to not have children.  It’s not selfish to not have children. It’s selfish when you have children and don’t take care of them. I’m always amazed when the very same folks who question my decision to not have children are the same ones who end up leaving them with their grandparents to raise, stick them in daycare, or some type of boarding school when they don’t need to do so, etc. They do not take time to raise their children but look down on folks like me who refuse to follow in their footsteps.

Having children is a lot of work.  I do not want to have this responsibility. Again, if you desire to live the type of Christian lifestyle that I lead (always on the go), children do not fit in the game plan. What works for you, does not work for me.

I’m living the extraordinary life God gave me. I suggest you do the same.

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