• Do you need a new prescription for how you view God?

    As a child, I will never forget the moment I was in class and realized how much of a struggle it was to see the chalkboard. I was seven years old. I could see things close to me, but I couldn’t see anything far away. I remember telling my mom what happened. She was concerned […]

  • Ep. 216 Award-Winning Author Pamela D. Smith

    Hustle in Faith Season 6 Episode 2 Pamela D. Smith BlackFace

    Pamela D. Smith is an award-winning author, evangelist, brand developer, and devoted wife and mother of three boys. She just recently published her latest book entitled, “Black Face.” This book focuses on personal development and branding for African American ​Christian leaders. Check out today’s episode.

  • Ep. 215 How will you play the cards life deals to you?

    How will you play the cards life deals to you?

    I’m probably preaching to the choir when I say this, but time is going by so fast! Last year, I turned 40. So entering a new decade prompted me to challenge myself to have more balance in enjoying the journey to achieving my goals instead of waiting to be happy once I accomplished my endeavors.  […]