• There’s More To Life

    https://youtu.be/L6EiHaflZZQ?si=hIL5TGCAszcX07n8I was a guest on the Steady On podcast hosted by Angie Baughman. This was my first time being on the other side of the mic. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation, so I wanted to share our interview. We discussed my faith, life, the corporate world, and the importance of creating your own table. We only […]

  • Ep. 249 Do You Know How To Stay Calm Under Pressure?

    Do You Know How to Stay Calm Under Pressure?

    I’m a recovering perfectionist. I hate to make mistakes. Therefore, when I’m faced with making decisions, I spend an agonizing amount of time weighing my pros and cons to ensure I’m making the right decision. However, slowly but surely, I realized that as a Christian, if you pray first, there’s no such thing as a […]