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Ep. 109: Why can’t we all just get along?

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This is episode 109: Why can’t we all get along?

I’m sure you have all heard and/or seen the protests that have been occurring throughout the country. In case you have been living under a rock or one of those people who doesn’t understand what all the “fuss” is about, it all boils down to racism.  Since a lot of White people seem to think that racism does not exist, they are ignoring people of color attempting to share their stories so they can receive justice. This is why racism continues to exist.

I decided to create this episode and share my experiences about this racism matter. I truly believe in my heart that if the conversations I have with my students about race were had in America, we all would be living in a much different world. I’m a firm believer that much of the fear and anger we are seeing is due to the fact that people have forgotten to live and acknowledge these two simple rules:

1.     God’s Golden rule (Lk 6:31): Do unto others as you would have others do unto you 

2.     We are all equal (Acts 17: 26-28). God made us from one bloodline. 

I am sad to say, many White people do not believe in the aforementioned. In fact, please be sure to check out this video of a White cop stating that most White people are fearful of people of color. Please keep in mind that I used the word “most” White people. 

I’ve been teaching English online to adults for 7 years. The conversations that I had with my students from Austria, Germany, Italy, and China are so enlightening. I’m honored to call these folks my friends (shout out to Julius, Rosario, Elena, Ali, and Chris). Special shout out to my Spanish teacher Julieth you know I love you too!

It’s so difficult for me to process my thoughts and let alone try my best to explain this to my students. My students have shown more interest in trying to learn more about the situation then the White folks I encounter on an everyday basis right here in America.  

As I stated before, most White people refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem with racism. Many White people here do not want to address race because deep down it would mean that they would have to acknowledge the fact that America truly has been and still is a tale of two cities. The haves and the have nots.

White people have been on top for over 400 years because they benefited from slavery. People of color, primarily African Americans are tired of playing the “have not role”. We’re tired of not having our voices heard. The stories of Ahmad Arbery, Christian Cooper, and literally seeing George Floyd murdered right before our very eyes on the video were just too much. Ahmad for example just went for a jog and never came back home because 3 White people (Rednecks) thought he fit the description of a thief.

Christian Cooper almost lost his life because a crazy white woman named Amy Cooper was offended that Christian (a black man) had the audacity to ask her to put her dog on a leash. They were in a public park where the dogs are supposed to be on a lease. This rule is so that everyone can enjoy the park; plus, not everyone wants to be around your dog. Despite this fact, Amy Cooper was offended that Christian (a black man) had the audacity to ask her to put her dog on a leash.

Amy Cooper knew that if she called the police, they would come out and kill Christian for her. Seeking the police on people of color is a go to tactic among White people in America. They know that the police, who are comprised mostly of criminals with badges, will punish or even kill their opponents for them. This is why many White racist people do this. Case in point, George Floyd lost his life because the racist cop Derek Chauvin felt that placing his knee on George’s neck was the appropriate method to detain him.

Innocent until proven guilty is not meant for Black people. Most cops automatically assume that people of color are guilty.  The crazy thing is regarding every one of those stories (which are just 3 out of thousands) is that despite having video evidence these cops go free. 

The reason being is because many White people always look for a reason to justify the deaths of these Black men. How would you feel if you have evidence demonstrating how you were wrongfully treated and they get someone to “explain it away” and/or worse demonize you so the racist’s actions were justified?

Guys these are just three of thousands, yes, thousands of stories that are the very reason why many Black people and other people of color do not share the zeal that so many White people have for America. This is why Colin Kaepernick kneeled during the National Anthem. He wanted to use his platform and peacefully protest and bring attention to the injustices people of color, especially Black people suffer on a daily basis.

Kaepernick, LeBron James, and countless other athletes are often told by White owners of the teams that they play for, by their so-called fans and countless others to essentially, “Shut up and play,” as if they don’t have a right to express their feelings. These White fans only want Black athletes to entertain and continue to increase the revenue of White billionaires.

These are the same people that when they saw the video about Christian Cooper , a Black birdwatcher who politely asked that crazy woman Amy Cooper to put her dog on a leash, she launched into the White woman damsel in distress role. This woman clearly had years of mastering White tears.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term White tears, it’s what Black people say when we refer to White people who believe that they have been wronged by someone Black. White tears are clearly seen when a Black person points out a White person’s racist behavior and/or when someone White gets upset that someone Black is successful. Those who cry White tears often do so in order to get other White people on their side. White tears is a devious attempt to make the Black person appear to be the bad guy.

Every Black person that I know, myself included, has experienced this at some point in time in their lives. Case in point, if you read the comments in the videos the majority of the White people in the comment sections that I read were voicing more concern over how the dog was being mistreated instead of the fact that this woman deliberately was trying to get this Black man killed. These racist fools showed that the dog’s life meant more to them than the Black man.

Stories like these are why I always laugh whenever I hear someone say, “All Lives Matter.” It is sad to say, most White people have blinders on and refuse to acknowledge racism. For example, in the story regarding Christian Cooper, the Black birdwatcher, there were more comments about how this white lady was treating the dog rather than the fact that she was trying to get this man killed.

These are the same folks that say they are not a racist but yet they think more of an animal than a human being.

If White people truly believe that All Lives Matter then they shouldn’t be offended when you hear the term Black Lives Matter. I’m amazed that I even have to say this but believe it or not, Black Lives Matter is not insinuating that other lives do not.

Here are a couple of examples for you to visualize. I have to thank Dwight Johnson for this analogy because this first one is so perfect! 

In the Bible, Luke 15 talks about Jesus having 100 sheep, but one goes missing.  

Jesus leaves the 99 and goes after the one. 

The 99 sheep: “But…what about us?” Don’t we matter? 

Of course, the 99 still matter, but they are not the ones in danger. 

Again, Black Lives Matter is not insinuating that other lives do not. Black lives are the one in danger.

Here’s another analogy. You have two houses. One house is on fire. Just because you water the house that’s on fire does not mean that you don’t care about the house that is not burning. 

This is happening because White people are filled with fear because their White throne is being taken down. They are no longer viewed as a leader and all powerful. People of color now have a voice and a platform and are not seeking the approval of White people.

Many White people do not want to share their power and resources that they illegitimately gained from slavery (mainly Black people).  Latinos and Asians have also reaped the benefits of our work and protests to gain and maintain our rights as well.

Watching the peaceful protests evolve into the looting and rioting that occurred over the weekend was painful to watch. I completely understand the anguish and anger of the protestors. Nonetheless, two wrongs do not make a right. I agree innocent Black people should not be killed by the police. I am strongly against this because that’s wrong. In such a case, we should protest. I’m all for protesting.

On the other hand, I am strongly against the looting and rioting that is going along with the protests. This behavior is uncalled for and it diminishes the lives that were lost and the message of the protest.

By the way, the destruction and devastation done by the looters and rioters that you see on the North side, where many White people live, is what it has always looked like in the South and West side where many Blacks and Latinos have lived for decades. 

This affluent area of Chicago will rebound and look brand new within the next two weeks while the South and West side will continue to remain looking like war-torn countries like they always have been for years. The South and West sides look like this not due to  looting and rioting, but because government officials do not care about these people.

Although I have lived a privileged life, I do understand the frustration my people are facing. My mom was one of those people. She was brought up in the projects called Cabrini Greens. For one reason or another, many times she could not go home because the police had the place on lock down. Thinking about the pain and suffering she went through brings me to tears. I know that most people are going to say, but that was black on black crime.

What most of us fail to realize is that every race has their idiots.  There have been just as many white on white crimes as there have been black on black. Every race and/or ethnicity has some sort of organized crime Italians have the Mafia, Latinos have the Latin Kings, Asians have the Triad and the list goes on.  However, the crimes committed by those in the Mafia that consist of  White on White crime are overlooked. The news loves to amplify the negative things that people of color do. Again, every race has some folks who choose to go the criminal element route.

With this being said, racism is totally different. Racism goes across the board and includes innocent people just because they share the same skin tone. I should not be thought of as being guilty just because I have dark skin. Check out my blog because the videos on there express my viewpoints. The media and most White people want to blame people of color for anything that is wrong. They are disregarding the evidence that is being presented that most of these crimes are being committed by White Supremacists groups.

There have been several reports from across the country stating that many of the looting and rioting was too calculated. And many of the looters and rioters were NOT from Chicago. Many of the protestors have stated that White Supremacists have been infiltrating the protests in an attempt to cause trouble. I truly believe and would not be surprised if Trump and the rest of his evil minions were the masterminds behind the looting and rioting.

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot stated during one of her press conferences that the thieves were listening to the cops’ radio airwaves because the looting was too calculated. This is not typical equipment that Black people have access to. However, those crazy White supremacist militia types do have access to this equipment. Most of the blacks in these protests have problems putting food on the table. Therefore, they would not have money to buy this expensive equipment that some of the looters and rioters were using.

I wouldn’t be surprised if those crazy White supremacist broke into the stores and called the media so they could get black people on tape stealing. Those crazy White Supremacists know what button to push. They know that once others (desperate people) see that the stores are open, they would  leverage this as their “opportunity” to finally get some material stuff that they normally could never afford. 

Again, two wrongs don’t make a right. However, it does not help to have a racist idiot in office basically trying to instigate a civil war. Trump literally stated that the MAGA people love black people and that they were going to join the protestors. Are you kidding me? That was his slick way of telling his racist tribe to go cause trouble. Neither the Democrats nor Republicans represent the values of people of color. You can’t fight against racism when your country is led by a White Supremacist.

I am a firm believer that this fight can only be won if we as a whole are willing to allow Christ to lead us. All of which will encompass us to follow His Golden Rule. 

If you’re White listening to this episode I just want to thank you for doing so. I know you’re probably feeling uncomfortable. This uncomfortable feeling that you’re experiencing is something that Black people have been dealing with all of our lives. I have always felt like a fish out of water. I’m going to be 38 in July. Trust me, I’ve definitely had my fair share of dealing with racism. I went to predominantly white grade schools and high school and was often the ONLY Black student in the room.

Needless to say, this isolation continued in college. I went to DePaul University where I was the only Black student in the classroom. I can recall when I got into a fight with my Communications teacher. I think that she had preset ideas as to how Black people were supposed to talk. To make a long story short, she wanted to fail me because I was too “polished” of a speaker (her words not mine). I didn’t fit her stereotype. It was a communication class, I should be polished! 

Even after all these years, things still have not changed. I’ve shown up for interviews only for the job to magically have been filled or told that I’m not the right fit for the job even though my resume practically mirrored the job description. If I do get the job, I’m usually the only Black person on my team or in the room.

I’m glad these protests are happening. Even though I’ve grown accustomed to being comfortable with awkward situations, this is NOT normal. It’s exhausting!

Nonetheless, I use every obstacle or injustice I have encountered as a stepping stone to make me strong and move me forward to where I am today. Despite all of the negativity I encounter, I’m still staying optimistic so that I can move forward in life. My positive outlook is due to my strong Christian upbringing and my following Christ’s Golden rule.

There are so many chapters in my life that I have left to write. I hope that you can read them one day, but that will never happen if you can’t see past my cover. 

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Here are some additional videos that I recommend viewing as well:

Yet, another unarmed Black man named Jacob Blake was shot this week 7 times in the back. Meanwhile, a White teenager literally walked through a protest with a long range gun, killed two protestors and injured another one, went home to Illinois (he drove to Wisconsin he’s not even from the area!) and got arrested the next day. What’s wrong with this picture???

Episode 108: Random Thoughts Thursday: My thoughts regarding the Coronavirus

 I hope you’re staying healthy and sane. Based on where you’re located this may be easier for some than others. I’m based in Illinois so our Stay at Home order has been in effect since the weekend of March 20th. We’ll be discussing this even more in today’s episode. 

It’s so surreal what we’re currently experiencing. I remember learning about pandemics in history class, watching movies, but I never thought I’d actually be living through one myself.

I have to admit, my lifestyle has trained me for quarantine. I’ve always worked from home. I enjoy exercising outside by myself. I’ve been ordering carryout way before it became the main method of survival for restaurant owners. Again, I feel like I’ve been training for quarantine all my life. Thanks to technology, this virus has not limited my lifestyle at all. I am still able to connect with loved ones and friends around the world.

My conversations with my English students and Spanish teacher have been the most fascinating to me. It’s been amazing to get a firsthand account of how various countries such as Italy, Germany, London, etc. have been handling the Coronavirus situation. My conversations with my friends (some who happen to be scientists and doctors), and other professionals led me to creating this episode.

Before I share my opinion I feel like I have to say, without a doubt some of the things that I’m going to say are probably going to upset some people and that’s ok. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I can assure you that I will not lose sleep at night if you don’t agree with me. 

I feel that I also need to say, I think for myself. Neither Democrats nor Republicans represent my values. For the record, as a Christian Do I believe that this virus is real? You betcha. Do I believe that we should have quarantined healthy people and shut down an entire economy for a virus that mimics the flu? No, I don’t believe this should have been the approach at all.

I personally believe that we should have closed our borders like Costa Rica did and those that were sick should have been allowed to stay home without fear of repercussion. It’s the fear of repercussions of losing their jobs, their livelihood that causes those who are sick to emerge into areas that could infect others.

Now I know a lot of people are going to ask, “What about asymptomatic people?” Ok, what about them? The incubation period for the flu is 1 to 4 days and this virus could be up to 14 days (that’s if someone even shows symptoms). This is the part that absolutely drives me insane.

I’ve talked to some of my friends in the medical field and many of them have questioned the rationale as to why and how we are testing for this virus.

1.     First of all, what are you testing people for? Many of the tests aren’t reliable.

2.     Let’s say you test positive, “Then what?” Especially, if you’re asymptomatic.

3.     Despite the fact that testing is supposedly free you’re most likely going to end up paying a ridiculous fee and put you further into debt.

4.     Besides, the advice the doctor is most likely going to tell you is the EXACT same advice you will receive if you have the flu. Stay home and get some rest.

Unlike many of the other countries, I strongly believe that this virus spread so quickly because many folks in the United States are conditioned and were advised to go to the hospital if they had symptoms and/or if they wanted to get tested. It makes absolutely no sense for someone to go to the hospital to get tested when you could be sitting next to someone who actually has the virus.

Again, I feel like a lot of common sense went completely out the window. I think that Italy had the correct idea. My students from Italy told me that people were advised not to go to the hospital and that the doctors will come to them. This makes more sense than sitting in a crowded clinic or hospital. These places are loaded with diseases; even if you do not have something, you are sure to come back with some kind of disease once you leave a clinic or hospital.

Illinois was one of the first states to impose a Stay at Home Order. We aren’t supposed to maintain contact with people outside your family unit and only go outside for exercise if you maintain a social distance of 6ft. The rationale in doing this was to “flatten the curve” and not overwhelm hospitals. Ok, understandable.

However, twice we were told that the model was wrong about when the peak would occur. I live in one of the most corrupt states in the United States–Illinois. I find it hard to believe anything our “leaders” tell us. We were told that we were doing a good job in fighting against the virus. And, then, Illinois gave other states our ventilators because we weren’t using them.

If all this is true why turn around and extend the Stay at Home order? Why would you give away our ventilators if we haven’t reached the peak yet? These so-called “leaders” have no idea as to how to fight this thing. This is sad but true. We need to stop looking to them for answers. They don’t even have a cure for the common cold.

I’m finding it increasingly disturbing that there is an increase in talk about mandating vaccinations and temperature checks. Of course now all of a sudden there is  “interest” in trying to help out the African American and Latino communities by increasing the number of testing sites in certain neighborhoods and most likely will offer vaccinations for free. By the way, here’s a fun fact. Illinois has the strictest Coronavirus restrictions in the nation. Governor Prittzker has ties to at least two different companies that are making COVID-19 tests. That’s a huge conflict of interest! No wonder why he’s so adamant about wanting to create and encourage testing. It’s not for our good and it’s interesting now that many of them are now scheduled to be created in African American communities.

What our so called  “leaders” will never admit to is that they are attempting to use minorities as guinea pigs under the guise of help.  We don’t even know if the test results are reliable, so you can only imagine what would happen with a vaccine…Get out of here! Are you kidding me?!

Think! We don’t have a cure for the common cold or cancer. Cancer has been here for years. Furthermore, folks in Flint Michigan still don’t have clean water. Therefore, I do not believe you when you tell me that you’re going to create a vaccine to cure the Coronavirus. Nope.

Whatever vaccine our leaders come up with will not be a guaranteed solution to our problem. Think! Even the vaccine for the flu isn’t foolproof, so there’s no point in getting  whatever vaccine they create. Even the doctor that everyone is so in love with, Dr. Fauci, literally said, “ There’s no guarantee that the vaccine is actually going to be effective. He also literally said that another concern among epidemiologists is that the vaccine backfires and strengthens the virus.” So again there is absolutely no point to getting a vaccine. This virus is going to be with us just like cancer, colds and the flu.

I actually know people who are in the medical field and they even said that they would not get vaccinated. That should tell you something and this is also something that they should be telling you. The main reason they cite for declining the vaccination is because this virus strain mutates too fast. Even if you did create a vaccine it wouldn’t really accomplish anything. Anything that’s being created now could have dangerous side effects and would do more harm than good. Furthermore, there’s no way that this vaccine can be properly tested. 

Sadly, our governor does not understand this fact. It is as if he is on a crusade to completely eradicate the virus. Would I love for this to happen? Of course, but again, we do not have a cure of all the other ailments that have been around since the beginning of time, so the governor needs to just calm down and roll with what he does know.

After talking to others from different countries, I suspect many of the deaths that are being labeled COVID-19 are not as high as we’re being led to believe. A German scientist took it upon himself to conduct his own study and discovered that 200 cases that were labeled COVID-19 deaths weren’t truly COVID-19 related. Despite these people’s ages, many of these individuals had many underlying medical conditions with small traces of COVID-19 strain. Many “leaders” are padding the  COVID-19 numbers so they can scare people into being guinea pigs. 

I hate to say this and it’s going to sound cruel, but we can’t allow fear or a virus to stop us from living our lives. These bodies aren’t meant to live forever. You need to take care of it as best as you can and call it a day.

Now, I already made my decision before my medical friends shared this information with me. Western medicine does not have a great track record with people of color (in particular African Americans). You are not using me as a guinea pig. There are way too many stories of Western medicine using African Americans as lab rats without their consent. 

Pharmaceutical companies can recruit all the African American celebrities in the world to help them in their quest to get African Americans to get tested or vaccinated and I will NEVER be one of them. Most of these African American celebrities don’t know any better. And sadly, like many of our corrupt politicians, these African American celebrities can’t keep their greed in check. I’m sure the folks in the Latino and African American community would much rather have money to pay their bills or put food on the table instead of giving them a pointless COVID-19 test or a vaccination that will most likely cause them more harm than good. 

What is absolutely amazing to me is that the same folks that are so concerned about the communities of color are the same people who never say anything when African Americans are being killed for the color of their skin. Yet, I’m supposed to all of a sudden forget all that history and willingly go along with being a guinea pig. Absolutely not! Not on my watch! Besides, pharmaceutical companies make money treating symptoms not actually finding a cure.

It’s no coincidence that the medical field and pharmaceutical companies want to increase the number of testing facilities. These people often have stock in the testing sites under the guise of a shell company they created to protect their identity. All you have to do is follow the money people.

I was listening to the Doug Kaufaman show called Know the Cause and he mentioned that there was a poll taken asking doctors if they would test the Coronavirus vaccine on themselves. Guess what? Only 60% stated that they would do so (who know if they all are truthful).

In any case, I’m concerned with the 40%.This is an incredibly high percentage of doctors who said no, they would not take a coronavirus vaccine. Yet these exact same doctors are going to be the same people telling the public that we should get vaccinated. All because they are owned by pharmaceutical companies.

Please be sure to check out the video of two racist French scientists discussing their desire to test the Coronavirus in Africa despite having WAY more cases in France than they do in Africa. Again, it’s because many doctors in the Western world still have this notion that it’s okay to use brown people in particular Africans and African Americans as guinea pigs (Here’s one of many other Africans along with WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus that were furious about this video).  In case you’re wondering the scientists apologized like many undercover racists often do when they get caught.


What’s slightly more disturbing is that billionaire Bill Gates is trying to get in on the virus action. He wants to “help” fund vaccinations that include microchips. I mean are you kidding me. It doesn’t get any more 1984 Big Brother than that?!  Moving on to the future of air travel dealing with COVID-19 virus.

In any case, airlines are talking about temperature checks, on the spot blood tests and having people walk down some sort of disinfectant tunnel. All of the above is going to be nonsense that I’m going to avoid. First of all, you can have a high temperature and it’s not COVID-19 related and if you’re asymptomatic you won’t have a fever, so again this is pointless. Plus, I’m not about to give this type of power to a TSA worker. You’re not touching me with a thermometer that’s been used on other people. I mean they already have a fit if you ask them to change gloves if they want to search your hair. Plus, nor will I be depending on you to be honest in stating the correct temperature. I would hate for TSA to have the power to quarantine people over a hot flash or even worse they just don’t like you. 

What’s even more troubling dealing with the future of air travel is that there was discussion about  spraying people with chemicals in some weird sort of disinfectant tunnel. I’m sure we will never know the true effects until people start getting sick or worse dying years from now. I can guarantee those who are wealthy will not be partaking in this fun little ritual of nonsense. 

Then once you get past all that nonsense and land in the other country, I’m supposed to trust some stranger in a foreign country to give me a blood test. No way! How do I know what that country’s regulations are? The chances of having a  contaminated needle used in certain countries is incredibly high. Again, no thank you. I will just stay home. I don’t need any of this unnecessary drama in my life. 

The things that people need to do to reduce their chances of getting sick are building up our immune system. We do this the old fashioned way…change your diet, take vitamins, exercise and get some rest. I’m not a doctor, but I get all of my information via research and watching one of my favorite shows called “Know the Cause”. 

Meanwhile, if you are under the impression that a vaccine is going to save the day then you are sadly mistaken. We’re going to have to get accustomed to living life again with yet another virus. One of the best things that we can do to fight against this virus is increase our hygiene. I hate to say it, but it’s incredibly disturbing that we had to even have reminders about washing our hands, giving people personal space and telling people to stay home if they are sick.  

I’m constantly asked about how I stay in shape and don’t age. I can honestly say I live a very clean life. I eat healthy, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink alcohol and exercise almost everyday and keep toxic people out of my life. My life is laid back and low key so my immune system doesn’t have to work as hard to keep out.

Some of the vitamins that I’ve been taking are betaglucan, vitamin D3 and vitaminK all of those are geared towards helping your immune system and give you energy. I know vitamin D has been in the news recently which is great, but they have failed to mention that you need to take K in order to receive all of the benefits that come from D3.

I truly hope that people use this situation as an opportunity to take control of their own health. Don’t just blindly follow someone because they have a title of “doctor”. If there’s anything the college admission scandal taught us is — if you have enough money you can buy any kind of title you choose, from any school you choose as well as buy  individuals to serve your own interest.

With this being said, we need to keep in mind that no one is as vested in your health as you are, so put in the effort to do your own research. Many times other people will not agree with your finding or your investments. That’s ok because some people never realize things until it’s too late. Don’t allow yourself to be held back by those who are slow in understanding facts from fiction. And most importantly do not allow yourself to be one of those people  who  succumb to fear and unauthorized authority over your body. 

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