Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts Thursday: Homelessness & Gentrification

Today is a new segment that I started calling Random Thoughts Thursdays. I’ll be talking about various topics that interest me. In our first segment, we will be discussing gentrification.

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Healthy Wisdom Wednesday-Why I will not work during my vacation

Many companies expect their employees to work themselves to death. As Americans, we typically only receive 2 to 3 weeks vacation (much less than our friends overseas receive).

So imagine my surprise when I was asked to work during my vacation. I know you already know the answer (it’s in the title), but find out why and some other thoughts I share as well (i.e. tackling the Angry Black Woman stereotype).

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Why you should enjoy being single?


In today’s  podcast (https://anchor.fm/dashboard/episode/e20ntj) , discover the top three components that need to be taken into consideration when establishing your brand.

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