• Ep 141 Why is it foolish to mistake silence as weakness?


    I came across this meme the other day that said, “Don’t mistake my silence for weakness.” This statement really resonated with me. I’ve definitely been in my fair share of situations where I’ve had people make the unfortunate mistake of doing this to me. Now, depending on where we meet, I completely understand why you […]

  • Ep. 139 Are you causing good trouble?


    The past couple of weeks has been crazy for me. I recently purchased my dream home right on the lakefront in Chicago. It’s in a quiet, peaceful area of the city. I’m not a party animal by any means, I’ve always been an old soul. So chilling on my balcony listening to the waves from […]

  • Episode 138 Go For It! My Dream Home

    I recently purchased my dream home! I wanted to share three major lessons that this situation brought to my attention. Thanks so much for listening to today’s episode. If you enjoy listening to Hustle in Faith and would like to support the show, please consider sharing it with your friends, leaving a review, donating, or […]