• Ep. 249 Do You Know How To Stay Calm Under Pressure?

    Do You Know How to Stay Calm Under Pressure?

    I’m a recovering perfectionist. I hate to make mistakes. Therefore, when I’m faced with making decisions, I spend an agonizing amount of time weighing my pros and cons to ensure I’m making the right decision. However, slowly but surely, I realized that as a Christian, if you pray first, there’s no such thing as a […]

  • Ep. 248 How To Live Steady On W/ Angie Baughman In today’s episode, I enjoyed speaking with Angie Baughman. Angie is a pastor, Bible teacher, writer, creator of the Step By Step Bible study method, and the founder of Steady On ministries, but you may know her best as the host of The Steady On podcast, where God’s hard truth meets your hard story. […]