• Ep. 236 What Is Holding You Back From Being ALL In With God?

    What's Holding Us Back From Being All In With God?

    Before jumping into this week’s topic, be sure to download the I’m ALL In Prayer Guide. God recently blessed me with the opportunity to see some things my mom has been praying about manifest firsthand. I can’t get into details, but for these things to finally happen is nothing but a complete miracle. I’m so […]

  • Ep. 233 How Do People Attempt To Steal Your Sparkle?

    Ep. 233 How Do People Atttempt To Steal Your Sparkle?

    Lately, I have been on the positivity struggle bus. I bought into a self-managed condo property managed by idiots. I’m stuck with an upstairs neighbor straight from hell. I believe she looks like and shares many similarities with Pam Hupp in that show Renee Zwellegger called The Thing About Pam. This idiot decided to install […]