How do you stop feeling defeated?


Life is hard. We may be victims but we cannot adopt the victim mentality. We will ALL encounter moments in our life when it feels like there are so many obstacles in our way that we can’t even see the finish line. Discover how Elijah stopped feeling defeated.

What are you willing to sacrifice?


In today’s Healthy Wisdom Wednesday segment, we are discussing digestion, fibroids, and so much more. We are sharing a variety of enzymes that will help you manage or alleviate your symptoms.

Don’t Set People Up

Don't Set People Up-God Keeps His people safe- HustleinFaith

Although I very briefly discussed 2 or 3 of Satan’s demonic forces in my last podcast, this led me to think about the negative trait of anger which is so bad that it does more harm to its host (those who house his spirit) than it does to its intended victim.

In Esther Chapter 4, The rage Haman had against Mordecai is an excellent example of such anger and hatred. When Haman saw that Mordecai would not kneel down or pay him honor, he became enraged.  Haman’s hate and anger were so strong that he looked for a way to destroy not only Mordecai’s immediate family but the entire nation of Jews.

If Haman had stopped to wisely think, he and his household would not have been put to death by the same method that he was trying to use to destroy Mordecai. The event of Mordecai and Haman confirms that setting traps for God’s people will not end well for Satan’s evildoers.

Mainly because God hates sinful acts; especially, those who set traps to harm others. Based on God’s hate towards sin and his desire to teach evildoers a lesson that they will never forget, God usually, punishes the evil doers with their own trap. Haman being executed on the very gallows that he intended to use for Mordecai is evidence of this fact. Haman is concrete proof that God is not slack concerning his promise that vengeance is mine.

Although Haman was not a child of God’s, yet I am sure he would have automatically enacted God’s golden rule of  “. . . do to others what you would have them do to you . . .” had he stopped to think(Matt 7:12). This rule will prevent much unnecessary suffering for all who follow its wisdom.

Case and point, if Haman had stopped to wisely think he would have put himself in Mordecai’s place. In doing so, Haman would have seen that Mordecai’s refusal to bow was not personal and it was not directed just towards him (Haman), but all men. A child of God does not elevate and/or treat a mere man as if he is God.

Since Haman allowed his thought life to filled with Satan’s lies and deception, Haman did not seek to understand why Mordecai refused to kneel down and honor him. Haman just went full speed ahead with his hateful thinking. The sinful act of Haman proves that whenever our soul is void of God’s word, Satan can manipulate our emotions to carry out whatever sinful acts he wishes.

What we need to realize is that Satan is a genius when it comes to manipulating our emotions. Once Satan gains control of our emotions, we, in turn, self-inflict ourselves with Satan’s negative traits.

Many of us fail to realize that Satan is very familiar with everyone who is born on earth (a.k.a. paradise of hell). Ever since we were born, Satan and his demons have been studying/observing our behavior, weaknesses, and strength so they can use this information against us in their psychological warfare.

By studying our behavior, in some instances, it is possible that Satan knows us better than we know ourselves. If we do not protect ourselves with God’s word, this inside knowledge of our character will help Satan to instill his negative traits within our hearts, soul, and mind.

Satan knows how to manipulate our emotions so they can produce whatever strife he wants. Nothing leads people to commit evil acts against each other than anger and hatred. Through the lingering of one negative trait, you can summon a whole legion of evil spirits to enter your soul. If we do not use God’s word to train our heart, soul, and mind our emotions become easy prey for Satan and his demons to manipulate.

Haman overreacting to Mordecai’s decision not to kneel down and pay him honor is proof of this fact. Haman allowing Satan to manipulate his emotions drove him to enact the greatest failure of all times. With the help of Mordecai and Esther, God exposed Haman’s plan and had Haman to hang on the very gallows that Haman intended to use to execute Mordecai.

Although most clichés have no merit, but the one that says “payback is a bitch“ has plenty of merit. Especially since the cliche coincides with Rom 12:19 which explicitly tells us not to because God says, “ Vengeance is mine; I will repay.”

When we step in to help God out in teaching other people a lesson, we are disobeying God. He doesn’t need us to step in to help Him out. It doesn’t make sense for us to worship someone who would later need our assistance to help remove the troublemakers in our life. If God said that He can and will, then we need to allow Him the chance to do so.

If we choose to be stubborn and insist on helping him out, then it should not be a surprise when God punishes us. Whenever you go around setting up traps for people to fall into in order to teach them a lesson, don’t be surprised when you end up in it yourself.


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What demonic forces are in your life?



Discover how to get rid of the demonic forces that are in your life by learning how to identify negative traits that are within us. Being able to do so will help us to make adjustments to our life and defeat whatever evil spirit(s) that are holding our thought life hostage.

Looks can be deceiving


If you take time to examine life, you will see that at first glance, things are not always how they appear. For example, let’s use success. It would appear that someone is successful because they have a lot of money and material things. The rich man Christ described in Luke 12 proved this to be false.

From Christ’s perspective, success is not about having a lot of money and material things. The aforementioned is Satan’s definition of success. Many people such as the rich and famous have plenty of these things and yet, for the most part, they are lonely, miserable people; hence why they drown their sorrows in sex, drugs, and alcohol.

Having a lot of money and still being miserable is not true success. Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with having material things or money, provided we put them in their proper perspective. The point I am making is that money cannot buy you the attributes of Christ; which are love, joy, peace, and happiness. This is what true success is made of.

Money can help aid these things; but our love, joy, peace, and happiness is NOT contingent upon having lots of possessions, accomplishments, career, etc. The mere fact that Christ refers to riches as deceitful lets us know that many of us put the wrong value on riches. In Mark the 4th chapter, Christ places riches on the same level as sin.

What Christ is conveying to us is that material things without God do NOT constitute success. King Solomon proved this fact. King Solomon, you might say, was like a scientist of life. His approach to life was like a scientist working in a lab. He placed life under a microscope, so we can view it from both perspectives, God’s and Satan’s (Ecc 7).

With this in mind, let’s look at King Solomon’s life at the beginning of his reign. During this period in his life, Solomon aligned his heart, soul, and mind with God. Through this union, he had love, joy, peace, and happiness; the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23). As a result, Solomon was able to enjoy his blessings (1Kin Chapters 3-10). Because Solomon placed God first in his life, he was blessed beyond measure with wisdom, wealth, power, prestige, and whatever else he desired (Matt 6:33; Ps 37:4; Josh 1:8).

Sadly, like Eve, Solomon failed to protect his thought life (mind) from Satan. In other words, he accepted Satan’s character and as a result, his possessions, accomplishments, and physical companionship did not give him the fulfillment of the heart.

When our heart is void of Christ’s attributes (love, joy, peace, and happiness) we cannot have true success.  We not only have Solomon’s knowledge to prove this fact, we have the lives of many “influential people” to confirm all of the above.

Although people such as the rich and famous have many companions, fame, possessions, accomplishments, and all forms of riches, many of them are lonely, miserable people (Ps 37:16). They have the spirit of Satan guiding them, which is why they suffer from emotional distress. Inward, their lives are tormented and miserable. These people have no real peace and happiness because they do not have Christ (Pro 16:8; 15:16).

We can only obtain the attribute of Christ by possessing His Spirit. Since most of the rich and famous have Satan’s Character, their life is cursed. They fail to realize that peace and happiness can only come from within us and not from a relationship or what we possess (Lk 12:15; Ec 5:10).

The mere fact that physical things cannot bring about the attributes of Christ such as love, joy, peace, and happiness is evidence that material things and companionships can only aid in what spiritual attributes already exist within us. A successful life is a life that is filled with the attributes of Christ.  

If you take time to examine life, you will see that at first glance, things are not always how they appear. Looking at our surroundings, you will think that this world is striving and getting stronger and improving every day. At first glance we see buildings being built, people rushing to and from work, traveling, etc.  

However, the opposite is happening. In reality, this world is decaying daily. Every day, this earth is transitioning more and more into hell. Things are not always the way they appear. This is why we must take time and analyze what we are truly believing and seeing. Let’s use something physical like these luxury apartment buildings that are currently being built in Chicago.

Developers are constantly building these types of buildings even though most people cannot afford them. After these apartment buildings are built, all of these buildings remain 60% empty.  Looking at the construction that is going on, you would think that this world is booming and there are plenty of jobs for everyone.

This cannot be further from the truth.  Actually, there are very few jobs available to anyone. Needless to say, only certain people get hired for these jobs. And even fewer people get to live in these luxury high-rise apartment buildings. Most people can barely make ends meet. Nonetheless, these luxury high-rise apartment buildings are constantly being built with poor people’s money.

At first glance, you would think that these companies are rich and have all sorts of money to do whatever they want. In reality, they just know how to milk the system (a.k.a. the government).  What we do not see is that these companies are going to the government and getting, write-offs, tax credits, etc. to build their luxury high-rise apartment buildings that most of the public people cannot afford to live in.

Also, what we do not see is the government making up these deficits (write-off, tax credit, etc.) by overtaxing the middle class and poor people to help fund these developers and their projects. They use government money because they know that most people do not stop to think that this business of building luxury-high-rise apartment buildings is a scam to milk the government out of taxpayers funds.

Projects like these keep the majority of the public middle class and poor and unable to live within our means because the government keeps taking our means. Companies doing projects like these are the real reasons why we have so many poor and homeless people.

The government comes to us common folk to cover the deficit that their family and friends created. Again, the point I am trying to make is that – you would never think that this world is dying just by looking at our surroundings.

The point of this conversation is to be vigilant in protecting your mind and focus on gaining Christ’s attributes. Always be cognizant of the fact that we live in a world of deception so things are not always how they appear.

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