In this episode, I’m speaking with Debra Whittaker, a seasoned professional in legal services, real estate, and owner of Notareyes LLC. Debra shares her journey from the Air Force to pursuing a law degree and the inspiration behind her notary business.

Our discussion covers the roles and responsibilities of a notary, the opportunities in notarization, and Debra’s foundation that supports underserved communities. Join us for an in-depth look at growth, career pivots, and the entrepreneurial spirit.


01:22 Guest Introduction: Debra Whittaker

02:15 Debra’s Journey and Career Path

03:51 Understanding Notarization

04:48 Creating Notarize LLC

08:20 Ideal Clients and Unique Services

10:08 Becoming a Notary: Skills and Process

15:06 Entrepreneurial Ventures and Nonprofit Work