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Now, I already know I’m going to upset some folks with today’s episode.  Regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not, you should be concerned with these vaccine mandates. It’s been fascinating to me how quickly folks are willing to give up control of their God-given rights to control their own bodies. 

The term of what is considered fully vaccinated and even which type of vaccine that’s viewed as acceptable has or already has changed…I’m looking at you J&J and Astrazeneca.

Many of the people pushing these vaccine mandates appear to be people older than 60 years old. The vaccine should be a choice not mandated by older officials who are scared. The government is not considering all the young healthy people that aren’t being affected.

As I’ve stated before, we’re not going to lockdown, vaccinate or mask our way out of this situation. Feel free to check out episodes 148 and 151 for further details on my thoughts.

This episode is about Chicago. I was born and raised in this area. Now I know Chicago is filled with corrupt politicians, but I just didn’t realize to what degree.

The latest city to attempt to implement a vaccine mandate is Chicago and Cook County suburbs. Now it’s even more obvious that this decision was made as an attempt to punish people who chose not to get the vaccine. On December 21st without talking with restaurant owners and other business owners Mayor Lightfoot decided to implement a mandate due to a “surge” in cases. 

Again, she didn’t share what she considers to be a surge and did not indicate how long she expects this ridiculous mandate to stay in place. By the way, folks, if you keep testing you’re going to find more cases. By the way folks, these tests can stay positive for up to twelve weeks. Also keep in mind if those tests are giving off false positives of course you will see a surge. It’s amazing to me how we don’t hear about the severity of these cases or recovery rates. Check out these false-positive tests that are happening around the world:

Time marker: 2:31 PCRs can stay positive for up to 12 weeks. Clearly, these don’t work either…


Now, according to idiot Mayor Lightfoot, her mandate was done to protect people’s health. Please check out my website because none of these rules even make any sense. People vaccinated and unvaccinated immediately have called the Mayor out on how hypocritical these rules are. This mandate was not immediately implemented. According to her reasoning, this mandate was needed to save lives. But of course, she didn’t implement it right away

First of all, what changed between Dec. 21st to January 3rd? Oh I know, the Mayor was hoping to see if she could get some more last-minute revenue she can finish squandering. Also, if she was so concerned with the “surge” in COVID cases, why did Chicago continue to proceed with hosting yet another lame New Year’s Eve firework display along the Chicago River? I wouldn’t trust a word this woman says if her tongue came notarized…She’s incapable of telling the truth. 

It’s literally like she woke up and thought, “How can I punish people who didn’t do as I said and further screw over business owners?” By the way, this is the same woman who was caught not abiding by her own rules during the early phases of this pandemic and has been caught lying on more than one occasion about a variety of topics.  She’s more of a do as  I say not as I do type of person. 

My favorite rule of this ridiculous mandate was the one that said you are exempt from the mandate if you are a nonresident athlete or artist. I’m sorry do these folks possess some special powers other than money? 

It’s amazing to me that restaurant, gym, and indoor entertainment owners always have to take the brunt of these insane policies. There is no evidence that these locations are where COVID originates. 

Yet, events like football, basketball, and Lollapalooza can take place and aren’t viewed as super spreaders. The logic clearly boils down to who has the means to generate more revenue, not science.

By the way, using Omicron as an excuse makes no sense when there isn’t any evidence to substantiate that it’s more dangerous. If anything it’s milder similar to that of a cold.

Now according to Lightfoot, she decided to implement this mandate to start on January 3rd in order to give business owners, mainly restaurant owners, who would be affected by this ridiculous rule time to comply with the rule. She literally announced the rule on Dec. 21st and wants it to go into effect on January 3rd. Absolutely ridiculous!

Below is a clip of Dr. Fauci acknowledging the superiority of naturally acquired immunity relative to vaccine-acquired immunity, to the respiratory virus influenza, 10/11/2004, on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal…Gee, I wonder what changed? The idea of folks “feeding his ego”? Perhaps stocks in the vaccine? Things that make you go, hmmm…

I believe this is the first time Fauci finally admitted that there is a distinction between being hospitalized with COVID and BECAUSE of COVID…Start at time marker 15:50 This is what MANY people have been saying all along!

It’s clearly evident that she did not discuss this with business owners because they business owners are pushing back. Some are asking for a deadline extension, others are asking for government and police assistance in case customers get upset

Restaurants and business owners are already suffering.  I was recently in the loop a couple of weeks ago and it was DEAD. Some of my favorite restaurants were closed and there were a lot of empty storefronts. If Lightfoot really wants to finish off whatever little business was left in the city then bravo for a job well done. 

This is the perfect plan!  How ridiculous is it to ask someone to essentially be a vaccine bouncer for a mom-and-pop restaurant? Several restaurant owners have already said, it’s hard enough to find employees and now you want to burden me with this nonsense?  

For the record, I don’t care how good your steak maybe, out of pure principle, I will NEVER provide my personal information to strangers. I will NOT show my license and medical information to a complete stranger. 

The timing of this mandate is incredibly suspect. Despite the fact that for almost two years the vaccinated and unvaccinated have been able to dine at restaurants, go to the gym, and other indoor venues now all of a sudden this can’t happen anymore. I mean both sets of people were wearing their masks and taking them off once they got to their table. 

Both sets of folks put them back on again when they went to the restroom because we all know that that COVID is lurking in the aisles waiting to get us if we don’t put our mask on or that COVID has a height requirement since kids didn’t have to wear a mask. Just a thought but it seems strange to me that people are so worried about COVID spreading but insist on bringing their germ-infested dog with them to restaurants, grocery stores, and even on flights. Why don’t we start there first? 

Just saying…Here’s the kicker, employees can be unvaccinated as long as they test but the patrons can’t be unvaccinated. Even knowing that vaccinated and unvaccinated can spread COVID vaccinated employees don’t have to test. By the way, the Office of the Chief Judge of Cook County is mandating their employees to get the vaccine but judges are exempt. Again, what is the purpose of these mandates other than people who clearly are drunk on power and want to see how high people will jump for them?

 I really would love to know what prompted Lightfoot to think that implementing medical apartheid was going to help heal this city. Some Cook County suburbs are already stating that aren’t going to comply. Cook Country suburbs like Orland Park, Arlington Heights, and Burr Ridge are not going to enforce the mandate. They are leaving it up to the businesses to enforce the mandate if they want to do so.

More people need to take a cue from these two towns and do what they are doing. The city of Chicago nor Cook County has enough staff to enforce any of this nonsense. The city is hoping business owners will comply. If I were a small business owner I would NEVER comply with these rules. I would never allow anyone to purposefully diminish my ability to make a living. If my business fails I would want it to fail on its own like bad customer service or the food wasn’t good. Not because I couldn’t find a bouncer who doubled as a vaccine checker. Seriously make it make sense. 

Many of the Black  and Latino owned businesses are going be forced to close. They were barely making it as it is. Much of the PPE loans that were meant to help these folks surprise, surprise, never made it to them. They made it to restaurants like the Cheesecake Factory or Ruth Chris because we all know they needed those funds. Again, hopefully, you can sense my sarcasm.

My gut instinct as to why you’re seeing these mandates is due to the fact that Lightfoot wants to make it seem like she is doing her job.  Lightfoot could care less about the people of Chicago. Crime continues to rise. You are seeing crime in areas where you never would have seen it before. Education is a joke. CPS also realizes you can’t trust Lightfoot. Teachers are underpaid (especially the ones that work on the South and West side) and are now expected to deal with the double duty of sanitizing their own classrooms. 

They can’t even get substitutes. Then you have a rise in homelessness. I have never in my life seen this many homeless people sleeping outside on the sidewalks, in the parks, or under the bridges. Which again, is absolutely fascinating to me because the number of these luxury highrises being built continues to increase. The irony is that many of these buildings remain vacant with homeless people sleeping in front of them. It’s sickening.

Again, these mandates have nothing to do with science, everything about control, and hiding the fact that this President is doing a lousy job. This is why I don’t get into politics. Both sides Republicans and Democrats are filled with idiots. You know I remember before the election someone asked me, “You don’t think that Biden is better than Donald Trump?” I said listen neither of these candidates inspire me. What you’re asking me is like choosing which drug is better for you crack or opioids? Neither one is good but one gives the appearance that it will help you but is no less dangerous than the other drug. 

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I was right. In a recent article, Black voters continue to express their frustrations with the Biden administration. Voting rights are being stripped away, I don’t see him signing any bills regarding police reform, nothing has been done in terms of reducing or eliminating student loan debt. Black people continue to experience low homeownership rates due to banks not giving them loans. 

Heck, last week I went to Chase bank and was racially profiled by the teller. To make a long story short, I wanted to take out a cashier’s check from my own account and the teller didn’t believe it was my account. Despite the fact that I entered my pin and had 5 forms of various forms of ID with my name on it demonstrating I was me. I immediately told that woman off and went to another branch and got my cashier’s check-in in less than 5 minutes. 

I filed a complaint against the woman and I’m waiting to hear back from Chase’s Executive office complaint team because you best believe I’m going to get her fired. Again, incidents like I just described and all the aforementioned issues are issues that concern Black voters so needless to say many Black voters are underwhelmed with Biden. They are tired of being told to be patient. I think we’ve been patient long enough…

Again, Black voters didn’t want to continue to see someone like Trump in office because he is clearly advocating for the KKK either. Sadly, I was right. Joe Biden isn’t doing anything either. It never ceases to amaze me how even something as minor as student loan forgiveness isn’t being addressed. 

Biden says that he doesn’t have the power to forgive student loans, yet he’s attempting to mandate what you can put inside your body? Make it make sense!

By the way, Biden already conceded that he can’t solve COVID and it’s got to be done at the state level

The CDC doesn’t even know how many of their employees are vaccinated yet they are attempting to ask business owners to do something that they can’t even do themselves.

I believe that COVID is real. However, I believe there is a big difference between dying from COVID and with COVID. Meaning, let’s say you have cancer and happen to get COVID. The recovery rate from COVID from research I’ve read is either 97 or 99%. For sake of an argument let’s just say 97 percent. If the person with cancer died would you say they died from cancer or from COVID? I’d like to think most people would say cancer, but that’s not what’s happening. Scenarios like the one I just shared are the ones being attributed to COVID deaths.

I have friends in the medical community, who have expressed their disagreement to me regarding how these numbers are being reported but are too scared to go against their colleagues for fear of retaliation. Many of these deaths are often occurring in the elderly or folks who already had preexisting conditions. 

With that said, I do believe many of these figures are being manipulated. The stats that really leave me shaking my head are the folks claiming that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. This doesn’t make any sense. The CDC is literally getting their information from hospitals that have volunteered to share their information with them.  

However, when the CDC says phrases like this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated the CDC fails to share that when all the “breakthrough cases” vaccinated folks getting Covid started occurring the CDC stopped counting the number of cases of the folks that were vaccinated that were hospitalized. So needless to say, if you aren’t tracking the number of vaccinated people that are hospitalized the only data left to share is unvaccinated data. That’s the only data they wanted to share because it conveniently supports the narrative that vaccinations are the key to ending this pandemic. Never mind natural immunity. Pfizer knows what’s best for you.

Jake Tapper Rails Against ‘Misleading’ CDC COVID Hospitalization Numbers

You will NEVER create a vaccine that will offer 100% protection. Viruses mutate and weaken over time. Blaming unvaccinated individuals for variants is juvenile and stupid. The delta variant was already out before the vaccines rolled out so not sure how that got pushed on unvaccinated. Omicron was a variant discovered in South Africa among a highly vaccinated population. Again, both vaccinated and unvaccinated can spread COVID.  

So here’s where I stand on the issue. If you want to take the vaccine, take the vaccine. It’s your body so it should be your choice.  You’re the one that has to live with the consequences of your decision in the event that you’re one of the so-called few unlucky folks that end up suffering an adverse reaction. Again, vaccines are supposed to protect you so whether someone else receives it does not affect you. If the efficacy of the vaccine is based on other people taking it then you need to reevaluate your approach, because then you’re encroaching on someone else’s right.

It’s been interesting to see how folks belittle others just because someone’s decision to get vaccinated or not get vaccinated doesn’t align with what that person wanted them to do. Gotta love the irony in that right? It’s truly no one’s business and if someone feels bold enough to ask that question respond back with an equally invasive question. After all, it’s only fair…

If people are that concerned about COVID, then do what you need to do to feel safe or continue to stay home. I hate to break it to you, but just taking a step outside opens you up to the possibility of getting sick. At some point in time, you have to decide how you want to live your life. Life is filled with activities that consist of varying degrees of risk so the desire to expect that the world to revolve around you is totally unreasonable.

Again, regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not, you should be concerned with these vaccine mandates. It’s been fascinating to me how quickly folks are willing to give up control of their God-given rights to control their own bodies. 

The part that is most disturbing to me is that the powers that be keep changing the goal post folks. If you are still listening to the CDC or tiny tyrant Fauci. You can tell by Fauci’s demeanor, this is the most attention this man has probably ever received throughout his entire career. He gets off on the thrill of people seeking his advice.

The CDC is literally in bed with the pharmaceutical companies. You now have pharmaceutical companies holding out their hands for more money to create more vaccines to combat each variant. Yet, people aren’t supposed to question their motives? 

Moderna’s CEO literally stated that the current vaccines likely won’t work against the Omicron variant. Which if you think about it is troubling seeing that based on the research from South Africa is a much milder variant than previous variants because its symptoms are that of the common cold.  I seriously do not understand why people don’t see that this a money making machine

Moderna CEO Says Fourth Covid Vaccine Dose Likely Necessary

By the way, the CDC  literally just flip-flopped once again and shortened the amount of time you supposedly need to quarantine in the event that you test positive for the virus. By the way, it’s the same length of time regardless of your vaccination status. Obviously, this move was made because companies started complaining and want to reduce more labor shortages. Again, the whole masks save lives and vaccinations save lives are nothing but lies. Definitely not this vaccination, if you want to call it that because it’s definitely not acting like a vaccine.

So much for science, huh?

Just because someone says that they are a doctor does not mean that they have your best interest at heart or that they are incapable of being bought off. The term fully vaccinated has already changed. Now it means 3 shots instead of two. Israel is on its 4th shot. At some point in time, I would think that common sense would kick in but clearly, common sense isn’t all that common anymore. How many shots will it take before folks realize this isn’t about science but about control?

The government is attempting to use these mandates as a way to punish individuals whose choices did not align with the ones that the government wanted them to make. 

  1. The vaccine does not prevent you from getting COVID.
  1. The vaccine does not prevent you from spreading COVID.
  1. The vaccine does not prevent you from getting sick if you do contract COVID so there really should not be all this nonsense about this vaccine saving lives. 

For the life of me, if you see that the vaccines aren’t working why doesn’t the medical community focus on encouraging people to build up their immune systems? I know. Because you make more money from treating symptoms rather than curing or preventing the issue. 

I know some will say, “What about the immune-compromised?” Please stop using this as your excuse to justify the need for why we need vaccine mandates. The vaccine does NOT stop the spread of COVID to the immunocompromised which again is another point why these mandates do not make sense. Plus, these folks were able to handle their situation before the vaccine. 

Since COVID has a  97%  recovery rate the majority of the people who catch COVID will live. Again, just put your thinking cap on for a moment we’re all in the same boat. You will never convince me that getting shots every 5 minutes is normal. Just because people say something that doesn’t make it so. You just have a bunch of fools politicians and celebrities believing what the pharmaceutical companies told them to say and then using the media to reinforce their message. 

Again, the irony is that many vaccinated people are the same folks who are quick to say my body my choice, which should really be a concept that should apply in ALL scenarios, not just specific ones. 

This whole COVID situation reminds me of Prov. 16: 18:  Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. I seriously wish these politicians and those who believed in their lies would not be so prideful to admit that you’re wrong. 

Again, don’t take my word for it, check out the articles on my website and most importantly do your own research.

These people do not have your best interest at heart. They are doing what’s best for their pockets. Please wake up and realize that you have more power than you think before it’s too late.

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