Aloe Blacc is one of my favorite musicians. His voice, the music, and the lyrics he writes are so on point. I was listening to one of my favorite songs Ticking Bomb I’ve been feeling like this song has been representing the direction as to where this world has been headed for a while now, but even more so with some of the more recent things that have been happening around the world. 

Today, God has put it on my heart to talk about two topics that have been experiencing a lot of turmoil, especially during the past two years: Education and Business.

Now I’m going to warn you right now, some of the ideas and suggestions that I’m going to share with you are pretty wild. You’re automatically going to think, “We can’t do that,” or “That will never work.” Every fiber in your being may want to change the channel but I want you to fight against that urge to do so. Why?  You can’t get to the next level in business if you don’t know how to create new market space. This business concept also applies to life.

Oftentimes, new market space is created from discomfort. That uncomfortable feeling or frustration is going to help you see issues that exist but instead of only acknowledging them, you’re going to be motivated to fix them.  So again, if you’re up for the challenge stick around, if not, God speed.

All right, so let’s dig into how we can reinvent education first. You do not have to be a genius to see that the education system as a whole needs to be completely revamped. It’s outdated and continues to intentionally leave behind individuals from specific demographics and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Here’s a quick summary of how our education system is currently set up. Public schools are funded by local property tax revenue, state funding, and federal education money. Now, this has never made sense to me. We’re paying taxes for services that aren’t being equally rendered. The government is supposed to work for us, not vice versa. I truly believe that many of the education issues could be resolved if we put the power directly into the parents’ and teachers’ hands. 

Parents and teachers should get together and figure out a way to force the government to give them back their tax dollars that are being misused so they can appropriately use it to give children the education they deserve. To help with this endeavor, teachers should really view themselves as contractors. You are your own brand. 

If I was a teacher, I would set up my own business whereby I could create my own school/ learning pod whether that be in person or online. Parents are more concerned with their child’s education, not just a designated area like a school building. Taxpayers should force the government to provide educational vouchers or grants to teachers and parents. This way they can get the necessary resources they need in order to provide an adequate education for their children. Putting the power directly into the parents’ and teachers’ hands can ensure that ALL children can receive a good education.

The reason why the children in wealthier neighborhoods are able to receive better education is because they actually pay their teachers a living wage. Unfortunately, how the government distributes money is why many teachers don’t want to teach in poor neighborhoods. Everyone knows that education is the key to success; yet, the quality of education you can expect to receive is oftentimes determined by your zip code. This shouldn’t be the case.

Now, I think the majority of us can agree that the current state of education, especially in certain neighborhoods, is a hot mess. The subjects that need to be taught to help us become well-rounded successful individuals are sorely lacking in today’s education system. Teachers hold the key to informing children about the past and providing them with the fundamentals that will help them have a better future.

Parents and Teachers have to take control of the education system because you’ve got folks out here trying to reimagine history.  We’re seeing aspects of not owning up to our past catching up with us as a society. For example, did you know that some history books are actually referring to slaves as laborers or workers? Terminology matters. 

Saying the word laborers and workers gives the impression that they were paid to work and we all know that’s not the case. Some folks don’t want to talk about racism because they’re worried that it may make their child feel uncomfortable, meanwhile, you have children experiencing racism on a daily basis but I guess that’s ok? 

These are the same people that want you to learn about Abraham Lincoln but don’t want to talk about slavery. Like, I’m sorry you cannot separate the two. They go hand in hand.  If you’re going to teach history then you can’t cherry-pick the aspects that only make you look and feel good. You have to teach the good and the bad.

Another problem with today’s education system is that Kids from certain zipcodes aren’t being offered the opportunity to learn and excel in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects because they don’t have the resources. Revamping the educational system would let children know that they have choices. They have the choice to work for a business as well as own a business if they see fit to do so.

Again, if I were a teacher I would view myself as a contractor. Take your talent and energy and start your own business or school. Form a partnership with with parents, they will help you. Their children’s success goes hand in hand with yours. Stop allowing yourself to be stifled by decisions being made by a union that clearly doesn’t care about you. Stop focusing on the current education system as your only option. 

Teachers invest in yourself. Doing so is going to place you in an even better position to create the greatest impact which is the primary reason why many of you went into this profession in the first place. There are options out there, we just need to pursue them. Nonetheless, I do understand your frustration and apprehension. Keep in mind, folks are tired and burned out in every profession.

One of the main reasons you’re seeing the Great Reshuffle is because many people realize that life is short and have taken the time to reevaluate what matters most to them. These past two years have allowed folks to realize that a sheet of paper better known as a degree, doesn’t guarantee success and happiness. People are realizing that there’s more to life than working a 9 to 5. 

 They want to have a work/life balance so they can pursue other interests and passions.  People are no longer willing to unnecessarily commute to an office, just so they can perform the exact same work they were doing at home. Let’s be real, most of the folks that really want to go back to the office are either lonely, need to have their egos fed, or excel at office politics.  Folks like me who work to live not live to work would much rather work from home. We are much more productive because we can work in peace. 

I’ve been working from home for several years—even before the pandemic. Everyone that I know that works from home views it as an absolute blessing. I wholeheartedly agree. Working from home gives us a work life balance. Most of us want more from work than a paycheck to just pay bills.  We want time and energy to enjoy our loved ones and pursue new skills and interests. Working from home positions us to have this fulfillment.  

Many employers have lost sight of the fact that we work to fund our life, not work to be our life. People want flexibility. Allowing your employees the opportunity to work from home is a win-win for everyone, the company included. We’re living in a fascinating age of technology.  Therefore, it really shouldn’t be a spoiler alert but remote work is here to stay. 

Hence, why more than 40% would quit their job or look for another one if a company would not allow them the flexibility to work from home. Many companies are losing talent because they fail to be flexible. 

These companies want to have their cake and eat it too. It’s either their way or the highway and they’re shocked that 4.5 million people have chosen to hit the Great Resignation highway. Companies seeking to retain their talent should really read the room. Competitive wages, good benefits, and generous PTO should be the standard. How will your company stand out among the crowd? For the loyal employees that decide to stay at your company, how will they be rewarded? A raise? A promotion? Tuition assistance? A sabbatical? 

We’re living in a fascinating age. Regardless of whether your profession is in education or business, technology has lowered the barrier to entry for people seeking to create their own opportunities. It’s up to employees to seize the day and take advantage of this moment to pave the way for a much more creative, flexible, and less stressful life.


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