Ep. 181 Make it Make Sense: What's going on? If I had $40 billion dollars I would spend it on...

I’m not into politics. I’m not a Democrat or Republican because neither party represents my value. I’m Team Jesus all the way and I keep it moving. 🙌🏾

Again, politics are not my jam because both Democrats and Republicans are filled with liars and thieves who do nothing but seek to line their own pockets.

However, when I heard that the Senate approved $40B in aid for Ukraine to help them in their efforts to defeat Russia, I couldn’t help but feel angry for a variety of reasons. 

I’m not against providing assistance to other countries. What I am against is the hypocrisy in how America helps out other nations when there are people right here that need help.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a very big heart. I go out of my way to help those in need. America should help if we’re in a position to do so (emphasis on if), but we’re not.

Here are 5 major issues that we should address instead:

  • Education/Student loans
  • Job situation
  • Housing crisis/homelessness
  • Health care system 
  • Justice system

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