Have the audacity to be the superstar of your own life movie. I am not interested in status quo. I am not interested in being a featured extra in my life, and all of a sudden, realizing when I’m 92 that I missed the boat.” ~ Maurice Philogene

Lately, redeeming my time has been on my mind. I was fortunate to have discovered Maurice’s content through one of my connections. Needless to say, I’ve been binging Maurice’s posts like it was a series on Netflix!

In this week’s episode, I was honored with the opportunity to interview Maurice. Maurice is a real estate entrepreneur, coach, and philanthropist. Maurice maintained 4 parallel careers for two decades. He was a 25-year Senior Executive for global management consulting firm Accenture, a 22-year Special Agent (Lt. Colonel) as part of military service, running field offices for a Federal Law Enforcement agency worldwide, and a 15-year midnight police officer in the DC area as a means to give back to his local community.

Maurice enjoys teaching like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs how to gain the freedom they crave in each facet of their lives and start living a life they won’t need to take a vacation from by helping them to Try Life On.

If your goal is to Try Life On, be sure to check out the episode and download the Four Steps to Creating a Freedom Lifestyle guide help you build a lifestyle you don’t need a vacation from.

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