Last week, I celebrated my 41st birthday! As we age, we often think about things we wish we would have changed. Been there and done that! To achieve my goals so I don’t have any regrets, I have identified and am actively working on these 41 things I want to change right NOW.

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What Will I Change Today?

  1. Realize that eternity starts now.
  2. Stop comparing my life to other people. Jesus is the standard. Stop comparing my life to other people. I’m never fair to myself. I always compare my lows to someone else’s highlife reel.
  3. Don’t give God my leftover energy. Spend more time with God. 
  4. Always seek and listen to godly counsel (in my case, my mom).
  5. Wear my spiritual armor.
  6. Say my daily declarations every day before I start my day.
  7. I will not bite my tongue, I will speak my mind.
  8. I will NOT accept other people’s version of happiness as my own. 
  9. I will not act like a spoiled brat if things aren’t going my way. If it’s not my way, then it’s God’s way.
  10. Despite my circumstances, I will commit to being ALL in with God.
  11. When my world falls apart, I will force myself to calm down and immediately pray to God.
  12. Look beyond what I see. If all I see is what I see, then I’m not seeing all there is to be seen.
  13. Stop looking at titles.
  14. I will not keep anyone or anything that does not add value to my life.
  15. I will NOT reopen a door that God has closed.
  16. Accept the fact that I am a never-ending project.
  17. I will stop playing what-if games.
  18. My feelings are not in charge. I will choose faith over feelings.
  19.  I will always prioritize my health because my body is a temple.
  20. Go to bed early, so I can wake up early. 
  21. Exercise in the morning.
  22. Go for walks during lunch.
  23. Take breaks away from my computer.
  24. Working late will not be a habit.
  25. It’s okay to plan for the future, but I will not allow that to rob me of enjoying life right now.
  26. Remember, my job funds my life but is not my life. 
  27. Diversify my income.
  28. Dream big, then work towards that dream, knowing God will produce the results.
  29. Collaborate more on projects that will have a lasting impact on others.
  30. Stop being consistent in the wrong things.
  31. Increase reading the number of books that will help me improve my mind, body, and soul.
  32. I will meditate in silence.
  33. Make time to go on vacation at least once a year.
  34. I will look for opportunities to leave a legacy.
  35. Make more time to learn Spanish. 
  36. Make more time to enjoy my hobbies.
  37. Stop allowing money to dictate my happiness.
  38. Stop complaining about things I cannot change.
  39. Remove the word can’t and replace it with can.
  40. Reduce my sugar intake so I can lose weight.
  41. Don’t wait until I’m down to go to my praise file. Visit my entire praise file once a month to see how far I’ve come. Seeing the progress I’ve made will encourage me to keep going!