Have you ever worked with or for someone who was a couple fries short of a Happy Meal?

While you’re constantly achieving your goals and continuing to be overlooked, this person who has no idea what they are doing somehow manages to ascend up the corporate ladder. In today’s video, we’re going to review 6 tips to empower Christian women in business.

As someone who’s been in the corporate world for a while, I’ve been in this scenario more times than I care to admit. Early on in my career, I used to get so angry. However, as I grew older, I realized I could either work myself to death trying to win at a system that’s clearly rigged against me or change my perspective on how I viewed and leveraged my 9 to 5. 

As a Christian woman, I chose the latter. See, it has never been my desire to climb a ladder only to find out it was leaning against the wrong wall. I work to live, not live to work.

At times during my career, I felt that my faith and ambition were at odds with each other. I will never be a part of the Good Old Boys club. I had absolutely no desire to suck up or get involved in office politics. None of that nonsense was my style.

Have you ever felt like you had to choose between success in business and staying true to your Christian values? Well, I’m here to tell you that you can thrive in business as a Christian woman, and you don’t have to compromise your convictions to do it.

In fact, your faith can be the fuel that propels you towards success. When you align your business goals with your Christian values, amazing things can happen.

Whether you’re an employee or starting your own business, you want to place yourself in a position to experience financial prosperity and positively impact the world. It can be done by keeping these things in memory:

1. You work for God, not man (Col 3:23, Acts 5:29) First, seek God’s guidance in everything you do because this is going to make sure that you maintain your dignity and have integrity.

As Christians, we’re supposed to be honest. When we consistently have integrity in our work, it not only honors our faith but places us in a position to let our light shine.  

This will sound arrogant, but I know I’m a hard worker and good at what I do. My results speak for themselves. I’m not a part of the Good Old Boys Club, I don’t engage in office politics, I’m more of an introvert at work, so I keep to myself and yet, I’m able to outshine them all by achieving my goals. I’m a puzzle that many people have never been able to solve.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people pull me aside and tell me, “Tosha, I really respect the fact that you don’t get involved in office politics, or I wish I had the ability to say that to so and so. I’m here to tell you that you, as a Christian woman, can when you don’t place the resource, aka your job, above the Source.  

God has always taken vengeance for me. Those folks who attempted to screw me over by either unjustly laying me off under the guise of restructuring, not promoting me or not giving me the raise I deserved have always ended up getting exactly what they deserve. What goes around truly does come back around–you just have to make sure you’re in the right first so God can fight those battles for you.

2.  Spirit of Discernment. The Bible says we must be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. Before I start my day, I always pray for God to guide me. It is imperative that you ask God for wisdom and discernment when you make business decisions. A trap that I see too many Christian women fall into is this desire to be liked rather than make decisions based on what’s in their best interest. Now, I’m not saying that you should be selfish, but success should not come at the expense of your integrity and happiness. A prime example of this in action is that I will never take a job, work with a client, or engage in an opportunity that does not align with my values. My motto is you hired me–you didn’t buy me. 

One day, I was approached by a potential client to see if I would be available to do some voiceover work, but they wanted to know if I would be comfortable with swearing. There are certain projects I will not take if they do not align with my values. I don’t take projects that require me to use foul language. I thanked them for contacting me and told them I would not be comfortable using that language. 

God can’t bring the right opportunities into your life if you’re too stubborn to let go of the wrong ones. You have to trust that He has a plan for your success, and when you surrender your business to Him, He will lead you on the right path.

3.  You are not a doormat. When you’re doing everything I just shared with you, your behavior will gain you some haters. In fact, you’ll have more folks trying to bring you down than life you up, especially when you’re doing the right thing. Your righteous behavior reminds the haters that they aren’t doing anything and that life will continue to pass them by until they finally decide to get in the game and allow God to guide them to where He wants them to be. 

That’s why you have to be like King David and encourage yourself. If your self-worth is built on validation from others, you’re on a path that will lead to a miserable life. God’s opinion is the ONLY one that matters–period. If you are doing everything in your power to live out the plans He has for you, then you will always experience success. That’s not to say that you won’t experience valleys because you will, but Christ is going to make a way that your experiences aren’t in vain, and those obstacles will be the stepping stones He uses those stepping stones  to propel you to the next level. 

Do NOT buy into the stereotype that to make it in business, you must be willing to allow people to treat people like dirt, dumb it down, or be too afraid to speak your mind.  If someone is trying to take advantage of you, by all means, my dear speak your mind. I’ve been in situations where I’ve had people flat-out ask me to do their job take on additional responsibilities without receiving additional compensation or change in my job title. 

You want to know what my answer was and will forever be, “No.” Depending on how you come at me will set the tone in how polite that No is delivered, but you’re going to leave knowing that you got the right one today. I will never allow someone to take advantage of me by giving me extra work when I haven’t been rewarded for the goals I’ve already accomplished. Not today, Satan.  

As a woman, I know saying No can be difficult, as a  Black woman, it can be downright impossible to say without experiencing the backlash of being viewed as the “Angry Black woman” stereotype. I touch on this further in other episodes and in my upcoming book, but the main point I want you to take away is do not give in to that nonsense. Even the Bible says in (Eph 4:26), “Be ye angry and sin not .” If someone made you angry, you have the right to express yourself and let that person know that their behavior offended you and put them on notice that it will not be tolerated. I’ve made quite a few enemies because I refuse to be a doormat, but guess who’s living their life like it’s golden? This girl! 

Always remember that You are a Child of the Most High God. You are a member of the Royal Priesthood. So leave the doormat mentality where it should be at the door.

4. Set trends, don’t follow them. Christians are meant to be leaders. None of this do as I say, not as I do nonsense. Leadership is about positively influencing others to be the best version of themselves. As Christians, regardless of our function, we must lead with grace, wisdom, and humility to motivate others to do and be their best. I make it a point to ensure that I surround myself with people who want to go higher in life. Iron sharpens iron, we’re always pushing each other to be better. We take it a point to ensure that we pay it forward by sharing our knowledge so others don’t have to experience the same obstacle we encountered.   

5. Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him. I’ve been in so many situations where I felt like evil was my reward for doing good, this is not how it’s supposed to be, but if you stay in faith, God will correct the situation. In fact, I’m going through this right now with this lawsuit that feels like it’s taking an eternity to resolve, for more details, check out Episode 207, but what I’ve learned is that it rains on the just and the unjust.

Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean you’re exempt from life’s problems. In fact, you’re increasing your vulnerability to encountering more problems because Satan doesn’t want you to shine. He knows that once you bring Christ into the equation he’s done, you won. However, during challenging situations, you must be willing to go to God so He can safely guide you through that difficult circumstance. 

Notice I said to guide you through that difficult circumstance and not to remove it. Sometimes, He wants to show He’s with us by guiding us through that circumstance so he can punish those who seek to harm us while teaching us patience and reiterating that He’s in charge.  By seeking His wisdom and strength through prayer, we can navigate through difficult decisions and find peace. 

6. Prepare for your second Act. This last piece of advice is especially important to my folks who are employees. There is nothing wrong with being an employee, but I want you to know that you must invest in yourself. We live in a very greedy world.

Depending on a 9 to 5 as your sole source of income is just not sustainable. I don’t care how much a company says we’re family trust me when I say this, they do not view you as family. Do not fall for this gigantic lie. You will get burned if you do. The majority of the firms out here believe that you are an expense. I remember I overheard one of the senior leadership departments refer to the department I worked in as overhead. So much for family huh?!

Best believe they will let you go just as quickly as they hired you if it will increase their bottom line.  This is why my focus will forever be to view God as my Source and not look at the resource. With that said, you have to have a balance. 

Seeing that relying on a 9 to 5 is a bit risky, what are some other ways that you can leverage your gifts, make additional income by sharing your gift (aka knowledge) with others to help further God’s kingdom? 

If you’re not quite sure how to do that, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel because I will be providing you with content to ensure that your mind, body, and soul are aligned so you can live the extraordinary life God has planned for you.  As with everything in life, I want you to have a balance.

Remember, your worth as a Christian woman is not defined by your business achievements. Your identity is rooted in Christ, and He loves you unconditionally. You are enough, just as you are. So don’t let the pressures of the world dictate your worth.

By living out your faith in the business world, you can be a powerful witness to others. Let your integrity, honesty, and compassion shine through in every interaction. Show the world that being a Christian in business is not a weakness but a strength.

Let’s thrive in business while staying true to our faith and redefine success on our own terms.

Ep. 256 Faith-Fueled Success: Empowering Christian Women in Business