Hustle in Faith Exercise at Home

In today’s episode, I will share my thoughts regarding exercising with a mask, my favorite fitness apps, and types of exercises. Below are all of the apps and articles referenced throughout the episode:

Should you wear a mask to exercise outside?

Should you wear a face mask to the gym? A look at the debate

GXMMAT Large Exercise Mat 6’x5’x7mm

C25K (Running App)

Daily Burn

FitBit (I got this on sale at Best Buy for $150)

Various chemicals and services gyms around the world are using to sanitize their facilities:

1st Place Science

Clorox Total 360 System

2XL Gym Wipes

Hand Sanitizer (75% Alcohol)

Dark Waters (True story about how DuPont created a man-made chemical property called C8 which was used to create Teflon. DuPont was aware of the dangerous health hazard but dumped the chemical into the water system poisoning and killing many people)

C8 contamination is so widespread the chemical is said to be in 99.9 of Americans

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