I want to introduce a new segment called Make it Make sense. Make it make sense episodes are where I’m going to give my opinion on things that seem painfully obvious to me, but for one reason or another the rest of the world has not caught up or has no desire to see the truth. 

It doesn’t take a genius to see that my choice of topics 2021 is off to a rocky start…

First, let’s discuss how the white supremacists rioted the Capitol building and committed domestic terrorism during their failed attempt at a coup detat. See how direct I was in stating exactly what happened? They weren’t protestors, they were terrorists. Everyone all over the world saw the same event. However, how one processed that foolishness seems to vary based on race and/or one’s willingness to admit the truth. Americans who are still in denial or confused about what white privilege is, literally saw it in action last week. It’s being able to commit a crime like storming the Capitol building and not get shot nor get punished. 

I’ve been in quite a few buildings in Washington, D.C.  When I was in high school, I was invited to attend a young leaders’ academic workshop. So I was able to go inside many buildings and areas that are normally off-limits to the public unless you have clearance; lucky for us we did. I will NEVER forget the amazing amount of security that you have to go through in order to get inside that building. Because I have been inside the Capitol building before, I know the terrorists had to have had help getting inside. 

So when I saw white supremacists like Elizabeth from Knoxville Tennessee puts it, “We’re starting a revolution; and, they were literally able to enter the Capitol to create all sorts of criminal acts I knew the police were in on it.

I wonder if these white supremacists will spend the same amount of time in  jail that Trump was pushing for when people of color were protesting, emphasis on protesting.  The protest that Black people started was literally a simple request. Stop killing Black people, especially when they’re unarmed.

Clearly, this request is doable. The mere fact that Trump did not feel threatened by heavily armed white terrorists, with pipe bombs and more security equipment than the actual Capitol police security team did in taking over the Capitol is evidence that Trump and his evil minions should have felt even less threatened by an unarmed Black man or woman. These unarmed Black men or women were no threat to the government security and yet Trump had all sorts of security present army, national guard, regular police, secret service police, FBI, even folks detaining people that didn’t belong to identifiable agency, etc. These folks were ready to kill whomever they wanted.

Again,I, like every other Black person in America and now the entire world —-KNOW— that the police allowed those white supremacists terrorists to storm the Capitol building. There’s no way in the world that a failed coup took place without the police playing a starring role in this drama. In fact, the FBI was warned that there was a possibility of this happening.  

There is no doubt that the Capitol security was in on this coup. There are videos confirming how police were literally welcoming in the terrorists and taking pictures with them. It really did remind me in a  weird way of what I imagined a redneck family reunion would look like. These police were on super friendly terms with people who were literally smearing the walls of the Capitol with their own feces. Once the Karens, young and old, felt like they were ready to vacate the premises, I watched videos of police gently ushering them down the Capitol steps. Because after all the Karens of this world are so delicate and could never do anything wrong like commit an act of domestic terrorism on TV or could they?

The most frustrating part about watching this craziness play out was knowing full well that if any of the Black Lives Matters protestors, even attempted to do what these racist jerks did they would be massacred. Then the criminals with badges would get exonerated for killing an unarmed Black person and celebrated as a hero. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Compare the photos. Look at the photo of what security looked like for a Black Lives Matter protest. Then look at what security looked like for the failed white supremacist terrorist coup. When the white supremacist terrorists stormed the Capitol building, security was nonexistent.

Now, look at the security in the Black Lives Matter protest photos. 

Let’s just use one in particular, protecting the Abraham Lincoln statue. Notice how heavy the security was for protecting a statute! Not a human being. There were literally thousands of police and national guards called in and one of the main areas they went to protect was a statute.  During the protests in D.C. Black people suffered all sorts of mistreatment. They were tear gassed, had rubber bullets shot at them, etc. All this was done just so that moron Trump could pose with a Bible that he clearly never read.

Last week, what happened was that the very police who supposedly protect and serve Americans decided to show their true colors. They joined forces with their terrorist racist cousins. It frustrated me to no end to hear the media and other people (mainly white) describe what happened at the Capitol. They try to water down the actions of these white terrorists by saying crap like, “ This is a dark day in America,” “I can’t believe that happened,” or “America is in such a bad place,” and other nonsense as if all Americans were a part of that mess.  


Newsflash, what you saw was America, but it’s the part many try to keep hidden. America has always been what you saw on display last week, but now it’s on display for the entire world to see. If they want to see it…Then the media and other people (primarily white) proceed to ice skate over the fact that if a black or brown person dared to act the same way, they would be shot dead.

This is precisely why many Black and Brown people create or own content, have their own media because otherwise our stories would never be heard. 

Honestly, I, like many other Black and Brown people were not surprised one bit by what we saw. You can’t help but laugh and cry at this statement because it’s true.

Click here to hear. the answer…😂

This is the America we’ve always known existed. The beauty of this failed coup is that now everyone in the world gets to see the ugliness behind the sheet…pun intended. Black people have unofficially been spelling Amerikkka with 3 k’s for awhile now.

In this video, terrorists are dragging a DC Metro Police Officer out of the Capitol and attack him.

The double standard that was on display was insane! I roll my eyes every time I hear someone white state, “Black people just need to do this or that and then they won’t get shot,” is simply not true. You literally saw right before your eyes poor and wealthy white people literally out there living their best felonous life having fun committing their acts of terrorism. 

What really got me was the FBI’s plea for assistance from the public. When the police want to find someone Black they dedicate an entire police force to find them. But, when it’s someone white the FBI appears to rely on crowdsourcing to get the job done. The terrorists were so bold that they didn’t even bother wearing masks. There are photos of terrorists being actual police officers and flashing their badge so they could move freely among their terrorism spree. The terrorists even said their name. They took selfies and even held interviews. It’s ridiculous.

Again, it’s amazing to me how many people are so quick to defend these terrorists. The media is already attempting to spin a defense for why the white terrorists are the victims. Make no mistake terrorists are not victims. They are terrorists. Trump supporters prove that racism not only exists but are praised and rewarded by Trump. These redneck lowlife terrorists did not try to hide their evil. Mainly, because they know that their fellow criminals with badges the police will pardon them. 

What upset me even further is seeing the one lone Black Capitol officer (Eugene Goodman) trying to fend off the terrorists in order to save the lives of government officials that clearly could care less about him.  I encourage you to read, see the video, and read about how terrifying this event was from the perspective of the Black Capitol Hill officers.  I guess blue lives matter only matter when you’re a white officer.

Eugene Goodman

However, let’s be real. It was never about law and order. It was about the desire to keep an organization that literally evolved from slavery. One of their main goals was to track down runaway slaves (check out Episode 127 for more details). These redneck terrorists are afraid of seeing Black people continue to soar over every obstacle they purposely built to keep them down. 

The ironic thing is that the white terrorists were rioting because they just couldn’t imagine how the system they designed and rigged backfired on them. The Electoral college failed them, the voter suppression tricks failed them, the years of redlining failed, etc. and the list goes on…Black people really are magical. Despite all the obstacles we still continue to rise. So what you witnessed was basically white folks throwing a temper tantrum because they were unable to process why they weren’t successful in their attempts to hinder Black people’s success. 

They were relying on Cheeto Satan aka Trump to save them. Trump is Satan in human form. His only intention is to divide and destroy people including the very fools that follow and try to protect him (like Mike Pence and the rest of his evil minions). So please spare us with all the phony indignations and resignations. You had 4 years to remove this monster and you instead decided to further empower his nonsense. When someone shows you their true colors, it’s in your best interest to believe them the first time.

During Trump’s campaign trail he literally left his losers stranded with no way to get back to their cars. Just look at all his failed marriages and businesses that this moron has never been successful. Everything about Cheeto Satan screams failure. Yet, the terrorists still find ways to make every excuse in the book to explain away his behavior and lack of leadership skills. All throughout this episode, I’ve made it a point to call these people what they are…terrorists. Why? Over the next couple of weeks, I guarantee that the media will go above and beyond “humanizing” these terrorists so you can sympathize with them. 

However, the media is very quick to demonize Black people who to this day have never committed domestic terror. You know I came across a very poignant picture that showed two Black men cleaning up the mess that the terrorists left at the Capitol building. The symbolism in that video spoke volumes to me. Black people are constantly in situations where we’re left to clean up a mess while the white terrorists and their accomplices don’t even feel compelled to pick up a broom. 

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