At some point in life, we’ve all told a lie. If you say you haven’t, then consider that statement your first lie. We’re constantly bombarded with lies. We’re so conditioned by the lies we see and hear to the point that they don’t even shock us anymore.

The main reason people lie is out of fear. Oftentimes, lies are due to us worrying about how others see us. We are conditioned to view ourselves from the perception or eyes of others. I am not going to lie, sometimes lying does seem easier. But, what most of us fail to realize is that each lie we tell further reduces our ability to discern right from wrong. This is dangerous.  

The more accustomed you become to lying, the harder it becomes for your brain to process facts (the truth) from fiction (Satan’s lies). As you know Satan is the father of lies (Joh 8:44). Lies help Satan to create a fortress in your mind (aka soul). Lies invite demonic forces to take over your life. 

Whenever we accept, support, or participate in a lie, we just joined forces with Satan.  Despite your reasoning for lying, this negative trait of Satan causes death to everything and everyone involved.  It is typically lying that bring about death (aka separation) to a marriage, a friendship, etc. 

Lying is the deadliest of Satan’s negative traits. It can bring permanent death (separation) to relationships such as a parent and child relationship and even worse your relationship with Christ.

If we just take a moment to stop and think, we will know when we have gone too far. When we start to justify to ourselves why we are lying. When you start to lie to yourself by saying things like, “Oh, I’m just trying to protect so and so,” or “I’m too far gone to turn back now,” the list of excuses can continue on and on and on…Until you wake up one day and suddenly realize that your ability to identify what is a lie and what is truth becomes blurred. 

In this case, Satan has made himself a home within your mind. Only the word of God can evict him from your soul.  Although it was easy inviting Satan into your world, evicting them will be hard. This is what we call “the battle of the mind.” 

Think of him as a low-life relative you are trying to help. You’re being a Christian inviting them to live with you until they get on their feet. Instead of them being graceful, they take up permanent residency and start changing your life to fit their lifestyle. 

You can tell when Satan starts taking over your world.  You start accumulating negative traits such as worrying, becoming fearful, etc. 

Regardless of what our distorted emotions tell us, lying is deadly in more ways than one. If you want to keep your world from being destroyed, always let the truth guide you. It is the truth that draws you closer to Christ. What we need to do is determine who we want a relationship with and work toward that outcome.

I know most of us will immediately say that we want a relationship with Christ. However, what does your lifestyle reflect your decision? It is your state of mind your way of life that determines who you are trying to develop a relationship with.  Just like lies and deceptions invite Satan to live with you, truth and righteousness invite Christ into your life.

Once again, lying will destroy your relationship with Christ.  Lying is premeditated. Allowing it to linger will cause it to become a part of your character. In other words, lying demonstrates who you choose to live with Satan. In this case, the answer to the question, “Will you destroy your world with lies?” the answer would be yes.  The life of Samson is an excellent example of this fact.

Samson kept lying to himself about his wife and the people he was hanging around. This is why I always say keep toxic people out of your life. Anyway, Samson’s, lying to himself, hardened his soul to the point that he was unable to listen to God. When we get this far gone, our mind cannot understand or rely on truth, even when someone godly is giving you excellent counsel. 

Lying is a sin.  Lying to yourself allows Satan to build a fortress in your mind. Once this happens, your relationship with Christ will die. When presented with the opportunity to lie, don’t take the bait. Let truth your default. 

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