In this episode of Hustle & Faith with LaTosha Johnson, “Escape the Office: How to work from home like a pro,” I’m  sharing essential tips and tricks to help you escape the traditional office and excel in working from home. 

As a seasoned work-from-home professional, I reveal my top 10 must-have items for creating a functional and inspiring workspace. From organization tools to tech gadgets, these essentials will revolutionize your work. Whether you’re an employee, a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or simply seeking a better work-life balance, this video is your ultimate guide to thrive in a remote work environment. Don’t miss out on this game-changing advice. For more inspiring content, be sure to subscribe to my channel. 

TIMESTAMP: Here is a PDF that has all the items discussed in this video: 

0:00 Introduction 

1:02 L-shaped desk 

3:10 Back chair cushion 

4:30 Monitor stand riser 

3:56 Pomodoro technique 

5:30 Webcam Brio 

6:35 My Dream Camera 

7:00 Laptop cooling stand 

8:06 Logitech speakers 

9:16 LED ring lights 

10:48 Desktop lamp 

11:40 My beautiful view ❤️ 12:31 

Laptop desks 

12:54 Pillow pad tablet setup 

13:08 Booklight 

13:44 Electric blanket 14:17 Why I ❤️ working from home

Escape the office