In this week’s episode, I’m speaking with Dr. Faith Mitchell. She is a  renowned anthropologist, a published author, and institute fellow at the Urban Institute, Dr. Faith Mitchell and I had an insightful discussion about America’s racial evolution, health equity issues,  and her  personal journeys.

Fascinating Journey of Dr. Mitchell:

Over several decades, her career has bridged research, practice, social and health policy. She has held numerous leadership positions for major institutions such as the US Department of State and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, among many others.

Dr. Mitchell is also a published author. She wrote Hoodoo Medicine, a groundbreaking study of Black folk medicine, The Book of Secrets, Part 1, a semi factual supernatural thriller, and most recently Emma’s Postcard Album, Black Lives in the Early Twentieth Century, a memoir and social history.

A Passion for Black History:

Recounting her favorite project, Dr. Mitchell touched on her book “Hoodoo Medicine.” This book has been nearly timeless, offering a deep dive into the healing practices of the Gullah Geechee people in the Sea Islands, South Carolina. It’s part of a broader narrative about African American history that Mitchell is dedicated to preserving and sharing, clearly evident through her relentless efforts in studying and documenting black history and culture.

Erasure of Black History – A Pertinent Issue:

Dr. Mitchell firmly believes that there is a concerted effort to alter or erase black history. The absence of black voices that Dr. Mitchell came across in her research underlines the systemic pattern of racial discrimination and the consequential erasure of black history. To combat this issue, Dr. Mitchell emphasizes the need to tell historical, contemporary, and futuristic stories and encourages black content creators to express their narratives, reconstruct lost histories, and provide an accurate portrayal of black experiences.

Addressing Inequality in the Healthcare System:

In the context of healthcare disparities and addressing inequality, Dr. Mitchell underscored the importance of collecting ethnic and racial data to understand health outcomes better and hold healthcare institutions accountable. Through such data, the black community can leverage information to advance racial equity significantly.

A Key Message:

Dr. Mitchell advises those interested in following in her footsteps not to let fear stop them. Despite facing challenges and fear, she believes it’s essential to keep going and let nothing prevent individuals from pursuing their passions.

Candid conversations with experts like Dr. Faith Mitchell offer an intimate depiction of a unique journey wrapped around life’s challenges and wins while rendering a peek into the racial and ethnic contours of American evolution. These discussions play a vital role in amplifying diverse voices and stories that need to be told, ensuring they reach the communities they are meant to inspire.

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Exploring America's Evolution w/ Faith Mitchell