eczema hustle in faith

If you suffer from Eczema or any other type of dry skin condition, then you are going to love today’s topic! Discover how I keep my skin even and moisturized without using all the chemicals most doctor’s prescribe to “cure” eczema. Below are the items I discuss in this podcast. Trust me, you’re wallet is going to love you!

T​hanks so much for listening to today’s podcast. My goal is to help you both spiritually and physically. If this podcast has been a blessing to you, please check out my other website I’m confident that my side hustle of helping others to invest in themselves via my online courses can be of help to you.

My courses are geared to teaching people how to create their own website, and promote their endeavor through digital marketing, and so much more. You never know who you may inspire.

See you in the next podcast!

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African Black SoapShea butter

Black Soap Shampoo Recipe

1.)  Get an old water bottle

2.) Fill it up halfway with VERY warm water

3.) Tear up chunks of the African Black Soap and place it into the waterbottle.

4.) Shake up the water and soap mixture.

5.) Let it sit for like 30 minutes or until the majority of the mixture is liquid.

6.) You can place in drops of your favorite oils. I like to add tea tree because I LOVE that tingly feeling and it’s great for stimulating your scalp.