In this video, “How to Be a Happy Single Christian Woman,” I share my positive perspective on how to enjoy life as a single Christian woman. I emphasize the importance of focusing on personal growth, spiritual journey, and working for the kingdom of God rather than viewing singlehood as a waiting period for marriage. I dispel the myth that happiness comes from finding Mr. Right.

I’m sharing a glimpse of my upcoming book, ‘How to Live An Extraordinary Life With Or Without Mr. Right: A Christian Woman’s Guide On How To Survive And Thrive On Single Avenue,’ further discussing singlehood, spiritual development, and self-love. Be sure to tune into the Hustle and Faith Podcast for more uplifting and inspirational content.

00:00 Introduction: Embracing Singlehood as a Christian Woman

00:51 Redefining Singleness: Not a Waiting Period for Marriage

01:23 Thriving in Singlehood: Exploring Passions and Personal Growth

01:56 The Importance of Self-Discovery and Spiritual Growth

02:48 Introducing my upcoming book on being Single

03:14 Living Your Best Life: Serving God and Making a Difference

03:38 Life-Changing Advice: Embracing Life and Putting God First

04:15 The Journey to Confidence and the Inspiration Behind the Book

04:45 Trusting God’s Timing: Embracing the Blessing of Singlehood

05:20 Conclusion: Rock Your Dress in Style and Inspire Others