In this week’s episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Stephanie Perry. At age 41, Stephanie Perry quit her job as a hospital pharmacy technician to travel the world for a year on her savings. She visited 12 countries in 12 months all on just $1200 per month. 

Now she’s a year-round house sitter and pet sitter who helps Black women embrace more ease by taking a career break, house sitting or moving abroad on her YouTube channel. Stephanie’s mission is to embody and promote a lifestyle of ease for Black women, urging them to take career breaks, explore house sitting, or even relocate overseas. She has cultivated a thriving community through her YouTube channel, raising over $40,000 to fund sabbaticals and retreats for black women since 2022. 

Additionally, her book, Job Detox: A Framework for Black Women to Stop Striving and Get Free at, is a powerful guide for those looking to liberate themselves from the relentless pursuit of work.





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