Have you ever started the New Year full of goals and got to the end of the year without achieving a single one? Been there done that! Why? A goal without a plan is just a wish.

If you want to avoid being in this situation next year, then let’s join forces! If this is YOUR time to make meaningful waves in your life, then be sure to download the below freebies.

All of the resources in our library are designed to encourage and challenge your mind, body, and soul. Once this is aligned you’re well on your way to discovering the plans God has in store for you. Enough rambling from me, it’s time for you to get work! 😉 😘 

Brand New You Guide

It’s time to identify your goals and determine what success is to you.

All in prayer guide

This guide contains verses, prayers, and affirmations.

chapter 1 of my book

Discover how you can live a happy life, regardless of your marital status. 

phenomenal woman List

Keep track of your progress in how you maintain your positive mindset.

guest interview list

Here is a list of all the amazing guests we’ve had on the show.

grateful notes

Time to get your praise on! Write down all the ways you’re blessed.

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