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Is today just another manic Monday? I’m probably dating myself when I say this, but the Bangles Just Another Manic Monday song often pops into my head whenever Monday rolls around.

Anyway, it got me thinking, whether it be for another person or for ourselves we all work for someone. However, many of us, myself included need to be reminded that God is our ultimate boss. When we go out into the world we’re stepping into God’s office. We’re here to do a job.

We’re supposed to be letting our light shine so we can bring others to Christ. The Bible is our employee handbook. All throughout the Bible God’s given us rules and guidelines to abide by like those mentioned in Matthew 6 & 7, Romans 1, Gal 5, Phillipians 4 and countless other scriptures. We’re provided a generous benefits packet which consists of His love and protection provided we follow His rules.

The rules look so simple in the handbook, but we all know obeying them is a totally different story. There are all types of co-workers that we will encounter when we’re in the office.

Our co-workers aka the folks we choose to associate with in everyday life will either help or hinder our quest to impress our boss.

Which got me thinking what kind of co-workers are you associating with when you’re in the office?

The Joker aka Lazy One: Life is one big playground. They literally have no desire to work.  Their goal is to evade as much work as possible. They provide plenty of laughs but offer absolutely no substance.

The Backstabber:  They smile in your face, all the while they want to take your place. Feel free to cue the Ojays Back Stabbers song. Unfortunately, the world is filled with plenty of these folks Matthew 7: 15. 

The Fearful one: Even though the fearful seems innocent they are just as bad as the backstabbers. They will throw you underneath the bus just so they don’t have to go against the crowd.

However, if we’re wearing our armor (Eph 6: 10-18) we will without a doubt be conscious of all of the above as well as positioning ourselves to be the perfect employee.

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