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This is Episode 90. (Season 2 Episode 25) Who Empowers You?

When you run into a problem, what’s the first thing you say and do?

If you’re like me, you’re most likely going to do the following:

“What am I going to do?” and then immediately brainstorm ways to get out of that situation.

Now although my approach to solving the situation may seem completely logical, it’s a habit that I’m trying to break. Why? I don’t want to unnecessarily carry a burden that I don’t have the power to lift. 

I automatically viewed myself as the one who has the ability to resolve the problem. If you take a closer look at my sentence notice I said, “I”. Not once did I acknowledge God.

Many times, when we encounter a problem we don’t even think about God until all of the other options we came up with have been exhausted. We go around trying to open locked doors when God has the master key. 

All the while creating more stress and anxiety in our life. God is the fuel we need to empower us to make it through difficult times. However, He can only do so when you have taken the time to go to the station so you can fill your soul with His word.

If  you don’t have enough of His fuel inside of you, you’re going to find yourself on empty pretty quick. When you don’t view God’s word as fuel, you’re driving around on unleaded gas instead of Premium. 

There’s no need for this to happen. You can get the resolution you need but if you don’t have enough faith to get to the station aka His Word, then you will forever remain tired or even worse, completely stop running because you ran out of fuel.

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I’ve always worked in fairly demanding roles. Early on in my career, I would get assigned difficult projects that would oftentimes leave me feeling overwhelmed. I would immediately get a case of analysis paralysis because I had no idea where to start. I wanted so desperately to do a good job to impress my manager. I eventually discovered that some people regardless of how well you do on a project are never satisfied. 

This really bothered me and I would unnecessarily suffer from sleepless nights because I kept trying to please people instead of God. That was dumb on my part. God already told us in Col 3:23 that we are to work for Him and not man. If we’re performing our job to the best of our ability that’s all God is asking for us to do. We don’t need to kill ourselves striving to attain approval from people, especially those who don’t share in the desire to please God. 

The moment I realized and accepted the fact that I’m working for Him and not people, I started seeing a change in not only how fast I could create and deliver projects, but just in life in general. Regardless of what I’m facing, I recognize the importance in taking a step back so I can pray for guidance. Doing so positions you to have Him take the pressure off of you and ensures that whatever happens, it will be for your good (Rom 8:28). 

This is why it’s so important to take time out to fill up on His Word so you can continue to drive effortlessly through life.

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