Hustle in Faith Why you need a daily journal

A daily journal keeps things real. It helps us to stay calm and strong during times of trouble. Although our problem may be physical, only a spiritual intervention from Christ can restore order in our life. This is why it is imperative that we keep a daily journal.

A journal doesn’t let us forget the blessings God gave us. It helps us to recall everything that God has done for us. It helps us to be strong and of good courage, so we can speak the truth in the midst of troubles. This is how David won his battles. David won his battles because he stayed calm so that he could listen to the solution from God.

David was able to stay in faith because he kept a journal of past victories God helped him win. A journal helps us to recognize God’s presence in our life. During our fight against our enemies, our journal won’t let us forget that God is near. It is our journal of past victories that helps us to endure tough times.

As a child of God, we will have to overcome challenges. Whether we like it or not, it is through our challenges that we grow the most. How we make it through our troubles is by focusing on past victories. Keeping a journal of God’s blessings will help us fill our mind with positive thoughts so we do not become weighed down with Satan’s negativity.

During troublesome times, when we are confused, frustrated, discouraged, and feeling afraid, our journal will help us stay calm by keeping our focus on Christ. Recalling all the protection and blessings from God will help us to stay in faith.  Great Faith will allow us to claim victory even though the battle is not over yet. The battle of David and Goliath is an excellent example.

David was able to claim victory in the midst of his battle because he kept in mind all the victories God had previously helped him win. Keeping our mind filled with the blessings of God, like David did, we too will be able to claim victory even though our battle is not over yet.

No matter what our circumstance is; big or small, a journal helps us to remain in faith in the midst of our troubles. It was David’s faith that gave him his victory. By keeping a journal of his past victories, when trouble hit, David was able to stay calm. This calm demeanor helped David to stay in faith. As a result, David did not fill his mind with Satan’s negative traits of fear, frustration, anger, confusion, and doubt.

A daily journal (whether it be mental or physical) kept David’s mind filled with the blessing of God. Through his journal, David was able to draw confidence from past victories. When David was confronted with his giant size problem, Goliath, David turned his focus to God and recalled how God had already helped him kill two other giants—a bear and a lion (1Sam 17:34-37; Ps 144:1-3; 2Sam 22:35-51).

By reflecting on past victories that God had given him, David was able to draw the strength and courage he needed to deal with his intense battle against Goliath. The need to be able to draw strength and courage from past victories is why it’s extremely important for Christians to keep a journal of our accomplishments and blessings that God helped us achieve.

A journal will provide clear evidence of God working in and throughout our life. During tough times, a journal occupies our mind with answered prayers. A daily journal will remind us of God’s love and protection.  Thereby keeping Satan and his demons from filling our soul with negative traits of worry, fear, discouragement and other negative thoughts.

This is how David stayed focus on God and not his circumstance. When confronted with trouble, David did not allow his mind to dwell on negative thoughts such as him being a young boy that had never fought in combat (1Sam 17:28-33). Nor did David focus on his height, physical strength or the negative comments of his brothers and others.

Having a personal history (journal) of God’s trustworthiness and the victories God had brought him through is how David disciplined his mind to stay focused on God. To be victorious in our present situation, we must focus on past victories God resolved for us. We do this by referring to our journal. Having a journal of past victories will help us to remain calm like David.

If we align our mind with God like David did, we can also claim victory in the midst of our troubles. The events that faithful people like David experienced prove that battles are won and lost based on our state of mind. Keeping a journal of past victories will provide you with all the incentive you need to keep the faith so you can live the extraordinary life God desires for you.

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