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This is Episode 88. Will you ride through the rain?

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always loved sports. One of my favorite sports is bike riding. I can literally ride all day. Just give me some snacks and I’m good to go! I don’t know why, but I just find biking to be incredibly relaxing and some of my best ideas happen when I go biking.  You can imagine my frustration with our rainy weather.

Every time I was ready to go for my bike ride, it rained. For the past couple of weeks, we’ve gotten a lot of rain, which is pretty uncharacteristic for my area; especially, this time of the year. This was killing me because I had been wanting to go on this 20-mile bike ride (to an area that I hadn’t biked to in ages).

Finally, one day I got fed up and decided I was going on this ride no matter what happens. The day of my bike ride, it was cloudy, but it wasn’t raining so I thought it was all good. I was only like 5 miles into my ride and then it happened…I felt a raindrop. When I felt that raindrop, part of me thought, “You should go back.”

Although I felt disappointed and frustrated, yet I didn’t let the rain stop me from enjoying my bike ride.  Instead, I changed my state of mind to view my rainy bike ride as an adventure. Besides, I had come too far to turn back. Since my desire to make it to my destination was stronger than ever, I opted to ride through the rain. I’m glad I did.

As I got closer to my destination, it wasn’t raining. Believe me, making it to my destination this time was much more memorable than all the other times I had biked to this area. Why? That bike ride got me thinking about my life. Especially, over the past couple of years. This entire adventure made me think about my rainy life.

Like my bike ride, every time I tried to go forward, my life seemed to be a downpour of never-ending obstacles that made me feel like retreating. Through my rainy bike ride, I was able to understand the triumph that God was trying to teach me. He allowed me to see completion is the answer to true enjoyment. Regardless of what the weather looks like, my focus should be on finishing my ride.

My rainy bike trip brought back to memory all those times God had helped me through the rainy days in my life. I honestly did NOT start enjoying my life until I stopped being afraid of the rain. I thought about how I tried to wait until I thought it was “safe” to go after my dream, and I would see all these clouds start to form and then it would start to rain with all sorts of problems. 

What helped me to stay strong and focused was remembering that God never promised us that every part of our life would be easy. In other words, we will encounter rainy days; meaning, “problems in our life”. However, He did promise us that He would not give us more than what we could bear. Remembering God’s promise helps me to take comfort in the fact that I can enjoy life; even during those problematic rainy days.

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