In this Hustle in Faith episode, Writing Through Adversity, I’m speaking with Lakita Stewart, the founder of Through Words Publishing LLC.

Lakita shares her journey of overcoming personal hardships to help women turn their pain into purpose by self-publishing their stories. She discusses time management, the inspiration behind her platform, the differences between traditional and self-publishing, and offers valuable advice for aspiring authors.

Learn about the importance of copyright, trademark protection, and how to invite God into your writing process to ensure success.

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:28 Lakita’s Background and Mission
  • 02:17 Founding Through Words Publishing
  • 06:01 Ideal Clients and Writing Process
  • 08:31 Traditional vs. Self-Publishing
  • 19:30 Protecting Your Work in the Digital Age
  • 32:15 Advice for Aspiring Authors
Writing Through Adversity Lakita Stewart