You do a pretty good job of eating well, moving your body, and taking care of yourself but could add a little bit more to your routine. Since you made the decision to reclaim your time, it’s time to create a routine that will position you to live an extraordinary life. After all, a goal without a plan is just a wish. Here are some things to keep in mind to make sure that you will achieve your goal.


When you make the decision to invest in yourself, you will quickly realize that not everyone will be happy with your decision. Changing your life takes courage and lots of hard work.

Your decision to change may serve as a painful reminder to those around you who did not accept the challenge to better themselves that you’re going places. Meaning, you will achieve the success that eluded them.

Therefore, these people (sadly, some of them may be your loved ones) may try to hold you back from pursuing success by making fun of you, causing you to doubt your abilities, etc.

It’s up to you to quickly identify the toxic habits and people in your life so you can reduce the time it takes to experience success.


If you have been working out for a while then your stamina is starting to increase. It’s time to challenge yourself by switching up your exercise routine so you don’t get bored or plateau. If you’re used to walking, why not start jogging or incorporating strength training into your routine.

Think about “spicing” up your workout by using apps like Nike Training, Under Armour, Fitbit, etc. to provide new exercises and keep track of your progress.

The main thing to remember is to continue to keep adding resistance to your routine so you can continue to grow stronger.



You won’t know how far you have come without acknowledging where you have been. This is why you should consider keeping a daily journal to monitor your progress.

Keeping a journal will enable you to identify people and triggers that prompt you to feel negative. You’re going to be able to immediately see which attributes of Christ you need to fight against the negative circumstances that you encounter in life.

Journaling allows you to see how blessed you are so you can continue to pay it forward to those less fortunate.



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